Monday, March 5, 2012

Green for Spring and Re-Creation

I'm ready for spring to decide to stay. Until then, I'm finding joy in a particular recent purchase (the necklace shown below). I spent $7 on it at Forever 21, and so far, I love it lots. The best part of all is that it matches wonderfully with my belt (although it doesn't appear that way in the photo - they really are nearly the same shade). I'm also excited about this cardigan because I am severely lacking in green and this isn't just green, this is a "yay for spring!" green. Remember when Jared and I made a deal that if he got to buy a video game, I would be able to buy a cardigan? Well, this is that cardigan. I think it was worth the hubby getting a video game.  

The picture on the left shows what I actually wore, the picture on the right shows what I considered wearing. Tell me, (I actually want to know) which do you like more? Does it depend on the occasion?

Cardigan & Belt: The Limited
Shirt: Express
Necklace: Forever 21
Pants: Apt. 9 c/o Kohl's
I could have also untucked the purple shirt..
But which version do you prefer?

About this outfit: I planned this outfit a week ago or so, but finally wore it today. It took so long to wear because I couldn't decide whether to pair it with medium grey pants or black pants, and then finally it dawned upon me: wear dark grey-ish pants (they're really more so black with white stitching). I just couldn't reach a decision as to whether I should wear the belt through the belt loops or around my waistline.  I went with the former because I liked the idea of having the red to frame the outfit.

Also, this outfit was inspired by a previous outfit I put together, which was inspired by a look blogger J. put together.
J's look
my attempt

I still think J's first outfit rocks so much harder than the one I put together today, but I like the idea of being able to alter one color in an outfit to make it work. I ditched the yellow for green, and voila. Instant spring. I personally think my outfit today works because of the contrast. However, I read recently that you should avoid mixing muted and bright colors. The problem with that claim is it assumes the reader understand what a muted color is as opposed to a bright color. I'm guessing that crusty mustard (as seen in my photo above) is muted, while the pastel green (way above) is bright? But would the purple (in the way above) be considered bright? Would the coral be considered muted? Ahhh how in the world are you supposed to figure this out?!?! And what do you think people who pay no attention to these sorts of things think about when they see an outfit like this?

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