Friday, February 3, 2012

Ray of (Pink) Sunshine

It's been raining all day long. It was raining all night long. I planned to wear grey and black today, but it seemed way too depressing. So I swapped the grey for pink, and ... ta-da! Pink sunshine!
Everything: The Limited
Necklace: Gift
It's not super bright, but it's at least colorful enough to make a rainy day seem less... dreary. I could have added a skinny belt, but it's Friday. Why not relax and let loose? Ha.

Can we talk about how excited I am for tomorrow though? One of my colleagues came into my office today and complained how no one was "doing anything fun this weekend". I said, "Well, do you want to do something?" She brought up going to see a movie, or going shopping. And that was all I had to hear. I was sold. Shopping tomorrow is going to be a-ma-zing!

Speaking of shopping, this reminds me of something I've been meaning to get off my chest lately. So, it's February. We're one month into the New Year. How are you doing with your New Years' Resolutions? I'm .5 for 3 on my big ones. I barely exercised. I guess I walked one mile a day three days a week. But walking an additional three miles a week is pathetic, to say the least. I read from the Bible maybe 4 days a week? I was doing better until school started. Be a better person? Hard to tell. I think I'm doing better as an instructor, although I'm getting frustrated with one class I'm taking and I find myself getting cranky with - or worse, being indifferent toward - the hubs more often than not. Sigh.

Rather than give up, it's been my philosophy that you get a clean slate at the first of every month. Theoretically you could have a clean slate every day or every week, but I think there's something special about the first of the month. Maybe that's just because I was born on the first of the month (July). Ha. Anyway, it's a new month, so I get another shot! Woot! And so far, I've already been doing better. I realized that "exercise more" wasn't specific enough for me, so I altered it to "log one mile every day". On the first and the third, I walked a mile (each), and on the second, I ran a mile. Yeah, I know, it's pathetic, but baby steps. It's all about the baby steps.

The other place I plan to take baby steps is with my addiction to clothing. That is why I have come up with a list of my wants.

Rather than post pictures this time, I'll just tell you what I'm in the market for...

- Mustard yellow
- Camel

- Stripes
- Polka Dots
- Animal print (leopard)
- Gingham button up
- Fitted blue long-sleeve button up

- Black
- Camel

- Any kind and every kind
- Striped, Solid, Colorful, Floral!!

- Anything brightly colored (shorts, skirts, pants)
- Dark purple skinny jeans 
- White Pencil Skirt
- Camel skirt
- Black & White polka dot skirt

- Statement jewelry
- Awesome scarves

- Leopard flats
- Nude flats
- Everyday shoe
- Wedges?

Yes, I realize this list is ridiculous. But that's pretty much all I could really want that I don't already have... although there's always the chance that I might come up with something else ;-)

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