Thursday, February 9, 2012

Menswear: Just One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up and feel like doing nothing? Not just the "I don't feel like going to work today" feeling, but the "I would love nothing more than to just sit here. Maybe play some solitaire, maybe watch some Hulu. But that's really not necessary" feeling? I do. In fact, I had that feeling this morning. And what do we do when we have feelings like that, the "I really shouldn't do this but really want to"? We do it.

And then we realize that we have ten minutes before we need to leave, so we throw on some deodorant, a pair of jeans, and then spend the next eight minutes standing in the closet, just hoping that something will fling itself off the shelf/hanger and land in our arms. After six minutes, we realize that isn't actually going to happen, so we deliberate recklessly. "Should I wear a button up? Mix and match something crazy? No, screw it, hoodie it is! No, wait, I can't show up to class in a hoodie." And then... sitting right in front of us... staring right at us... there it is...

Old Navy
The sweater I had just bought on Saturday! The funny thing about this guy was that I had left the fitting room, unsatisfied with what I had tried on, only to pass a stand of mens' sweaters on sale. I tried it on, it fit like a dream, and so I had to get it. The (other) funny thing was that an hour prior, I had bought a similar sweater from Banana Republic (Outlet). I ended up returning it because it was more expensive, and fit far less well. (I guess that will teach me for trying to shop from the petite section.)

I added a pair of regular jeans and called it a day. Could I have accessorized? Sure. Could I have done something to at least feign femininity? Yep. But I didn't. I looked like a linebacker, and I didn't care. To make matters so much better, my (male) prof was wearing a very pink-berry colored shirt.

Yes, I failed this weekly challenge since the only way I could argue that my look was mono-chromatic today was to say that my pants were blue, and so was my top. But we know that's not how this works. Oh well. It's just one of those days...

An alternative explanation of why I went for the menswear...
There's something about Thursdays that has made me less than inspired to look good lately. I think I should make it my goal to wear something fabulous next Thursday. I think it has something to do with the greasy-ness of my hair. Seriously. I shower Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights so that I don't have to wake up super early the following mornings. (And unless I get a good work-out in -- which hasn't happened in ages -- I tend not to Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.) When I got to class on Tuesdays, my hair isn't that bad. I tend not to wear it down, but can still throw it into a side pone and be fine. For some reason - and I still haven't figured out what that reason is - when I go to class on Thursdays, my hair is greasy ass gross. The time that passes from when I shower Sunday night to when I go to class Tuesday is exactly the same as when I shower Tuesday night and go to class Thursday. Seriously. Give or take one hour, depending whether I showered at 10pm or 11pm.

I used to solve that problem with one of my favorite beauty products, ever: PSSSST. Well, I made a decision a few months ago that turned out to be a big mistake: I bought the TRESemme kind instead. Never again. That one comes out white, and no matter how much I brush it, my hair is tinted greyish white when I go to class. I have tried putting it on right before I go, I have tried putting it on hours before I go. It makes no difference. It's so frustrating! The only reason I haven't bothered to buy a new can(?) of Pssst is because I hate being wasteful and would prefer for the Tresemme kind to run out first. I might have to get the Pssst and keep the Tresemme for non-emergency days - like when I'm going out in public, but won't be next to people long enough for it to really matter.

You knew that I had lazy tendencies, but this brings it to a whole new level, eh?

Oh- can we talk about how frustrating store are when they offer you a price point specific coupon "Save $15 off a (pre-tax) $30 purchase" - markdowns excluded - and then put their tops on a fabulous promotion... of $29.90. Seriously?! You can't just charge me an extra 10 cents on nothing to let me use my coupon? And adding a cheap $2 something from the sale section doesn't work. How annoying.

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