Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black with a Touch of Floral

Happy Leap Day! I should have done something different and exciting to mark a day that comes only once every four years, but I didn't. I was tempted to wear pink and navy, again, again. But I didn't. My justification: today is/was a day like any other. Boring, stressful, tiring, ugh.

Shell, Belt, & Jewelry: The Limited
Cardigan: Target
Pants: Macy's or Kohl's (old/gift)
Wait - I take that back. I did do something different. I wore pants I haven't worn in ages, and I wore a purple skinny belt instead of silver.

Sigh. It was one of those mornings where I woke up late, and felt fat in the pants I had planned to wear. The annoying part was that the hubby didn't pick up on what kind of answer I wanted when I asked him whether the pants made me look fat. Normally he's good about it, but this morning it was just bluntsville, USA. Thanks, babe. I've already been feeling super self-conscious (even though the scale gives me no reason to) so the last thing I want to hear is the truth. I guess it's better to hear it from him then to have 40 people think it. 

I must be irritable. Because I've been getting really frustrated reading other bloggers' posts lately.
A rant on asking questions on blogs, and the motivations behind them... 

Personally, I tend to just look at the pictures on fashion blogs, and maybe skim for key words in case there's something interesting in the post itself. Most the time, I feel it's a boring and/or irrelevant story to lead into an idiotic, simple-minded question. I actually don't think any of the girls even want the answers to any of these questions. Okay, so there may be some questions that are asked because an answer is wanted-- but the kind of answer sought after is along the lines of "I already know the answer, but go ahead, see if you can come up with a better one." Every now and then you'll find some answers and the blogger is genuinely grateful for the responses. But most the time, it's a trite question like, "Do you like to mix stripes and plaid?" Their question should be, "Do you think I actually read or care about your response?" I've had many questions and comments go unanswered. The only blogger I know who will respond to your posts is J. from J's Everyday Fashion. She seems like a genuine person, though, who isn't actually interested in bringing you the most fashionable outfits from an unlimited budget, but creating fashionable everyday looks from your closet. Perhaps some bloggers ask questions in order to assure themselves that they're not alone, that they're not crazy, or to possibly validate themselves as a blogger/fashionista. (Don't even get me started on how blogging isn't actually a career-- unless you're blogging for a company and are on salary. Getting paid to allow someone to advertise on your blog is not a career. Yes, it is a source of "income", but it's not a job. It's a hobby.)

Anyway, every week I learn something new about bloggers, and usually for the worse. Very recently I learned that some people buy clothes that they wear specifically for their blog. I was actually under the impression that the clothes in bloggers' photos are owned. The more blogs I see, the more I begin to believe that these girls go out, buy clothes, take pictures for their blog, and then return the clothes. Now it's one thing to buy something, take a picture, and upon seeing that picture, decide that you don't want to keep that thing anymore. But it's an entirely different matter to do what these girls are doing. I'm not going to accuse every blogger of this - I know that there are some of them out there who are like me, and just post pictures of what they wore. And I appreciate them. 

The other thing that boggles my mind is taking pictures for your blog of something you don't even wear in public. We can all play dress up. And once in a blue moon, it's going to look good. Years ago, I worked at a youth camp, and we had an entire room full of props and costumes. Every Friday night, there would be a "dance"/"party', and the staff would wear clothes from the collection. And every now and then, someone would put together something actually cute/ fun/ fashionable. But that's not blog-worthy! Ugh.

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