Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Black and Red, Day 2

I didn't even realize it until just two minutes ago, but I wore black and red yesterday, too. Here I am trying to keep things different, and I didn't even realize I'm a repeat color offender. Oh well. 

Skirt, shirt, necklace: The Limited
Tights: Target
I haven't worn this skirt in almost a year. Funny story on how I acquired it, actually. I was working at the Limited and a girl came up to the register to check out, with tons of stuff. I did my usual bit, and offered her to open a credit card. She accepted, and as she was filling out the information, I noticed that I knew the name. It  turns out that I went to camp with her (or her sister) and that she had lived in my neighborhood for ten years or so. Anyway, she was getting this same skirt, and I decided that I had to get it, too. I was weary about it originally because of the tiers. It seems that my options with this skirt are much more limited because of the detail, but oh well.

The other reason I wore it is because I have been in the market for a red skirt. It dawned upon me that I already had one, but see above paragraph for excuse on why I might need another one. After wearing this one, it looks like I have no justification to have a plain one. At least not until I acquire just about everything else on my wish list.

It dawned upon me today that it is actually quite simple to dress for class (teaching). There are only a few basic rules: nothing skanky, nothing scrubby. This can translate to: set yourself apart from your students. The way I choose to do that is by dressing up and wearing fun colors. Most of my (female) students come to class in jeans and a tee or hoodie. It's amazing how much your inclinations change after dressing business-casual three days a week. Last semester, I would run to the store in sweats. Now I feel awkwardly under-dressed wearing jeans. Can I assume that people who run errands in sweats are lazy? Or that they don't have jobs where they have to dress up?

I really need a lavender top. I saw an ad recently for a cobalt blue purse that had lavender accents. It is beautiful. Not the purse, but the color combination. Love it. Want it. Need it.

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