Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black & White & Grey All Over

Today was my first day of teaching (not ever, just his particular course and at this particular school). All I did was go over the syllabus, take attendance, and talk about a little of what they could expect. Nevertheless, I believe it went well. We'll just see how the next few classes go. I have this feeling that I will bomb over the course of the next few days just because it's going to be real lecture. I had a girl in my 10am class close her eyes and open her mouth. I really wish I had some M&Ms or some peanuts - I would have definitely been trying to land them in her mouth. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much energy I had for the 9am section. Especially considering that there were only 8 students. Usually low numbers aren't my thing (then again, big numbers aren't either?). I had a little bit less energy for the second class. I suppose it's because I felt like I was on repeat. I couldn't remember if what I was saying I had already said or not, or whether I said it only for the first class. I suppose that problem will take care of itself when I have notes and am not just winging it. 

I think I chose my outfit for the first day of class quite well (although taking the photo is an entirely different matter).
Shirt: Eddie Bauer - gift/old
Pants & Belt: The Limited
Shoes: Target - old

I am making my students keep a "reflections journal" and I told them I don't care what outlet they use - word document, bluebook, journal, whatever, heck, they could even start a blog if they really wanted to. I wonder whether I'm going to get any blog links. I'm really exhausted today so I'm gonna end this now. Bye.

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