Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sometimes Less is More

 Tonight I went out with the girls! I knew I wanted to wear my new top, but I couldn't decide how to wear it. I narrowed it down to two ways:

by itself
Shirt: The Limited
Jeans: The Limited
Boots: Madden Girl (gift)
with cardigan and skinny belt
(I forgot to take off my pants belt for the picture)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (gift)
Green skinny belt: The Limited

In the end, I decided that I preferred look #2 for an every day look, but not for the bar. I ended up choosing #1, although I tucked it in. What do you wear for girls' night out? Does it depend on anything, like the place you're going?

It amazes me how useful it is to look at pictures. There were so many pieces I've considered buying online in the past, but upon looking at them in my virtual closet, I've been able to give them away before I even got them! Ha. Regarding these outfits, I realize there is something missing from #1. What that is exactly.. I do not know. But I have a feeling that whatever it is, it's something simple. Because after all... less is more. (What would you add to #1?)

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