Monday, January 9, 2012

Seeing Double?

Now, I know that fads come out, and companies will produce relatively similar pieces. (Recall my post on duplicates) I haven't seen the same shirt produced by two different companies, however. I'm not just talking about a plain white tee shirt. And I don't mean when one store comes out with a striped skirt and another one has a skirt just like it but with wider stripes, or the colors inverted. No, I mean near duplicates.

Let's play a game. Spot 10 differences between these two tops. (Hint: I couldn't find ten. I found four.)

Top #1
Top #2

Time's up! What are the differences?  (Do excuse my sweatpants, please.)

1. Size/placement of dots - #1's are all the same size, evenly spaced from each other
2. Cuff - #2 has elastic around the cuff
3. Ruffle - #2's goes down a bit further
4. Neck - seems #1's is rounder

I believe any other differences can be attributed to the fact that I couldn't find any XS or S in Top #1 so I went with a medium (for the price, how could you not?).

Game #2: Which one belongs to the higher-end chain?

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