Monday, January 23, 2012

Ruffles & Cream

It sounds like it should be a yummy treat... but it doesn't quite end up that way. I was stressing out about what to wear for today (last night), and settled on this (emphasis on the 'settled'). I was fine wearing it in class, but also felt silly and disappointed. I guess we realistically can't expect to have phenomenal fashion every day. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. (And maybe in some cases, you tie some?)
Occasion: Teaching
Everything: The Limited
not pictured: purple flats, Old Navy
I couldn't decide whether to wear a skinny belt with it or not. I decided since I was teaching, I didn't want to bust out the fashionable philosopher just yet. First, establish seriousness. Then, add a touch of fun. But what do you think? Does it look better with the belt?

I'm not sure a belt works with this particular top given just how ruffle-y it is. This cardigan looks grey in the picture, but it's really more of an oatmeal. Or cream. Isn't it funny how often we use foods to describe our colors? Mustard yellow. Eggplant. Tomato red. ... Okay, so maybe there aren't too many examples (at least that I can think of for now), but it still makes me wonder... what are the best names for colors? Is it for the purpose of creating a mental picture that we use flowers and foods to describe a color? Or is it just for the sake of the sound of the name? Whenever I would happen to be in the Home Depot or Lowe's, I would wonder who came up with the names of particular paints. What is it about one shade of brown that merits the name "gentle fawn" while another similar shade deserves the name "cup of tea" (no joke).

I apologize that I have no witty fashion advice for you today. I suppose I can offer a piece of advice when it comes to life. Be patient, be calm, be nice! Recently, I made an order online, and when it arrived, the clothes were so wrinkly and crumpled up. It was so irritating! I wrote an email to customer service, simply to inform them that this had occurred, that I was not pleased with service, and then I essentially brought forth an empty threat that I would be forced to boycott the store if I was not shown the respect I deserve as a "loyal, paying customer". I was proud of myself up until the end of the email. I wasn't sure how to get my point across that I was displeased without lowering myself to empty threats of boycotting. Long story short, the store is sending me a $50 gift certificate. Woot!! I really just wanted an apology. But hey, I'll take a gift certificate! Have you ever had a negative or unpleasant experience with a company that took an unexpected turn for the better?

On a final (side) note, I think it is important to set goals. One of my goals has been to establish my blog this year. I understand that I have been throwing a lot of changes at you recently with my blog this year, but be patient! It's for the best! I want to experiment with my set-up to see what I like, what I don't, what works, what doesn't. As of now, I'm keen on the "feigning fashion" tips - although I'm not sure how long I will be able to keep up with it. I think the "cop-outs" make for a funny segment. Maybe I will do something new each month? January is the month of copping out (I could provide a slew of reasons for why this is). February will be the month of trying hard? Color? Trying to achieve some particular look every day or week? (I do want to attempt to do a tribute to the rainbow somewhere down the line.)

But what about just reflecting on what I've been wearing, and then setting up some goal based on that? For instance, I've been wearing a lot of neutrals recently. Thus, my goal: plan your outfit around a bright color every day for the rest of the week.

Challenge accepted.

(I hate myself for typing that.)

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