Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year, New Shoes

One of my not really a New Year's Resolution but sorta hope to accomplish this year involves shoes. My collection is disappointing, to say the least. Other than gym shoes (which Lord knows I have enough of), I can't remember the last time I spent more than $20 on a pair of shoes. Okay, wait, no, I splurged on a pair of Steve Madden cognac flats. We see what happened there. I wore them tons, they wore out on the heel. I also bought a pair of $15 flats at Target in the spring, and they wore out, too. It really is embarrassing to walk into work looking great from head to ankle, but wearing awfully beat down shoes. Imagine going to the Oscars wearing a beautiful dress, but having just rolled out of bed. Or having your wedding at the Plaza Hotel, wearing a dress that has been torn away by moths. It's just... not right. The point is, I'm in the market for shoes. The more versatile, the better. Ideally, I'd have a pair of black flats that could be worn with anything, a pair of heels to teach in that can match with more than just black pants (thus nixing black heels - I actually have a few pairs that are still in decent shape -- but then again, they came from the age when Target made quality shoes that don't fall apart after a few months). #1 on my agenda is finding a pair of shoes I can wear with jeans and whatever else I've thrown on. 

I read a blog a few weeks ago of some girl who will actually buy multiples of the same product! Her train of thought is that it will eventually wear out, and she'll be left wishing that she still had it. I have felt that way about a few things in life. Right now, it's my purple flats that I got from Old Navy in the summer. They had a few other colors, and I considered getting some more, but was being a cheap ass and already felt jipped having to pay $14 for one pair. Sigh. Anyway, flats only really work as a go-to in the spring-fall months. I really can't wear flats in the winter time when my feet get so cold so quickly. I need something I can (preferably) wear with socks, or that at least cover up most of the foot. J's aunt gave me a pair of Coach shoes a few years ago - so awesome, let me tell you! But they're brown, so I have a hard time bringing myself to wear them when I want to wear black. (If you hit the link, my pair has thinner straps, and they're white, but you get the point.)

I went perusing through some stores tonight, and have to think about which of these I should get:

$11 at Kohl's 

$40  at Kohl's
$20 at Payless
$20 at Payless

$15 at Target

$27 at Payless
$17 at Payless

$33 at Payless

Now, of course, commentary:
#1: I love that they were $11. It's been a LONG time since I've found a pair of shoes at Kohl's in the clearance section that I would actually wear. They were the first pair I found tonight, so compared to anything else in the store, they seemed like they were my best option.
All in all: Excited about the price, but my feelings about the shoe are beginning to wane.

#2: Funny thing. I've always wanted a pair of boating shoes. The desire for a pair disappears any and every day I walk on campus and see girls wearing their Sperry's, which they think go wonderfully with leggings. News flash: they don't. Anyway, these are not Sperry's. Nor are they your typical boating shoe. I think the touch of gold is enough to set them apart. However, oddly enough, they wouldn't be a real go-to. Take my outfit from Sunday... I would most likely not choose these puppies. But maybe that's just because of the gold cardigan? Hmm...
All in all: they would certainly replace my moccasins as my go-to shoe for running errands, but I'm still thinking they would be too casual. Plus, I'd never pay $60 for them. Maybe $20. Let's hope!

#3: Yes, yes, yes! My favorite pair from the night. I've been searching for a peep toe, and the fact that these aren't black make them all the better. I'm pretty sure I could wear them with black, or almost any other pant for that matter. (They're grey, even though they look like they could be going for some faux-denim kind of look.)
All in all: I want these.

#4: I was originally looking at these in leopard because I thought to myself that I have enough black shoes. Then I started thinking about how run down my flats are and then I reconsidered these. I'm not sure how I feel about the trim around them, but it seems hardly noticeable from further away (seriously, how often are a pair of eyes within inches of your shoes?). I'm not keen on the price, but I'm willing to take some time to think about these. Especially when I think about how many months have gone by without any decent black flats.
All in all: Let me sleep on them.

#5: I've seen these around for almost a year now, and almost got them in nude. I probably should have. I wish I would wear these shoes, but realistically, I wouldn't. I wouldn't slip them on to go run errands, and although I might wear them to class, I doubt that I would. I don't think I can teach in them, but I wonder when it comes skirt season whether I would not end up looking for something like these. I was going to return them tonight, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
All in all: I like the idea of them more than the shoes themselves.

#6: Blogger J has a pair just like these, and she wears them so well. I'm not sure if I have what it takes to pull them off, especially because she tends to wear them with something else red that completes the outfit. Like a red belt. But sometimes she just tosses them on and it works. I don't know how she does it. I think I might be able to pull them off with jeans, but I'm not sure about with a real work outfit. Maybe #3 in red would work. Would #3 in leopard work?
All in all: A mess of confusion!

#7 and #8: Now that my cognac flats are worn out, I'm considering finding a new pair. Patent camel are sorta popular. I don't think patent works with the flats, but I'm afraid the patent heels look Not in price, but in presentation. I also worry that the flats would be better for warm weather, the heels for cooler weather. I doubt I'd wear the heels in the spring, but the flats could be a go-to like my Steve Madden cognacs used to be. Sigh.
All in all: Need a week to sleep on it. Rip Van Winkle-ing it.

I can't wait until spring. The magazines all promise colors galore, and I can't resist a pair of colorful shoes. Okay, I can, but after I get the shoes I need, I'm hoping to find a pair of mustard heels and red peep toes. Apparently Payless has #3 in Red. I don't believe I saw it. Or I was thinking I should keep my kid-in-a-candy-store-ness to a dull roar. That, or they didn't have my size. It's amazing. I always start at the 8.5 section (since it is my natural size) and then wander over to the 8s and 9s - the selection they have is so dissimilar, it sometimes feels like I'm in an entirely different store. Let's not even talk about what happens when you stroll past the 6s on the way out the store.

Oh, want to hear something somewhat hysterical (but not quite to that extent)? I decided today while I was out and about that I might as well give up on the boot hunt this year, and hope that Santa brings me a really nice of Italian leather boots next year (hint hint). Giving up came as a result of two significant factors: 1) the weather. It's been 50-60 degrees this "winter". It's not really necessary to have boots. 2) Limited selection + displeased. Everything is either way overpriced and looks cheap, or has a 5 inch heel on it. Seriously, folks! What are you doing wearing a 5 inch heel in winter time? In most climates, that is an accident waiting to happen. Sigh. So, long story short, the hubs and I go out to take the dogs out, we open the door, and.... SNOW!!! I said, "it's a Christmas miracle!" Ha. Too bad it just came a month too late. And will probably melt by the time the sun comes up. Oh well. It was still an incredibly pleasant surprise. The forecast didn't call for snow. Silly weathermen! I guess this means I should un-give up on my hunt for boots.

What is your go-to shoe? Do you have a pair you love to slip on for running errands? Do you prefer to have a shoe that will go with just about any outfit (casual or dressy) or do you have one shoe for every occasion?

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