Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Favorite Color: Red-Orange

I've never been a fan of wearing red. I'm not sure why exactly, but it probably has something to do with the fact that it's just a bold color. It draws attention to yourself, although arguably positive attention. I had an English professor in undergrad that advised to wear red any time you have a presentation or an important occasion where you will be in front of people because it gives you the appearance of being confident. Okay. That makes sense. What was funny about that comment was that we had presentations in class and after he made the comment, everyone would wear red for their presentation. Even people from other classes started to, as well.

For Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me a sweater from The Limited. When I went there a few weeks later, they were having a phenomenal sale, and the same sweater (in many, many colors) was on sale (along with its matching cami. I got both for $10 after promotions and student discount!!). Unfortunately there weren't many colors in my size - but there was red-orange (or is it orange-red). I tried it on, and loved it. It's such a great shade. It's bold, without being in-your-face red. Truth be told, I've never liked orange either (I like peach and pastel oranges). This top reminds me nothing of orange, and thus my hesitation to call it orange-red. 

outside look
Jacket + Scarf: The Limited
Jeans: Charlotte Russe - old
Flats: Target
indoor look (Church)
Sweater + Cami: The Limited
Belt: Kohl's - gift - old

It seems lately that I come up with one problem with every outfit. The problem with this one is the shoes. The jacket prompts me to wear dark shoes, but I think the sweater looks better with a brown belt. So: to wear dark brown belt and black flats, and just deal with it, or to wear a different pair of shoes altogether? What would you recommend? I was inclined to go with purple flats, but I was afraid that was too much. Although "Fashion experts" deem that red-orange goes with violet because of the "T" (or "90 degree angle" rule) - click this link for more , I still wanted all the attention to go to the top. What would be superb here for me would be a pair of tan flats. Something like my moccasins, but obviously far less casual. Something like:

Michael Kors, MK Plate Driver
Okay, so let's start the hunt to find a pair of these bad boys. Blogger J found herself a pair at TJMaxx or some store like that in the summer. It's frustrating because they're so way out of my budget! But then I try to think about how much I actually spend on shoes. I discussed this in my New Year, New Shoes post. It's the age-old question: to save up and splurge on an expensive pair of shoes, or to constantly buy cheap shoes? It seems intuitive that the former is a better plan, but I would argue that it is better to spend less on shoes that may not be in style down the road. Case and point: about five years ago, I bought a pair of imitation Steve Madden flats from Target for 10 or 15 bucks (see below-- I can't believe how easily I could find a picture online!!)


I rarely wear them these days, but can you imagine just how pissed I'd be had I bought the Steve Madden version? Yeah. But then again, I get equally pissed at myself for spending $15 on a pair of flats from Target that I could've spent $30 on and would have lasted more than three times as long.. or so I suspect. I regret not letting my mom buy me a pair of Coach ballet flats years ago. Those babies would still be in great shape, I bet. I did see a pair in TJ Maxx a few months ago, but they were $90. The other reason why I wish I would have let my mom purchase those flats is because I can't get her to do those kinds of things these days. Unless she comes to visit. And even then, it's not a guarantee.

I did see some flats online that might be up for consideration. The funny thing is what I realized I'm looking for is exactly what I would tease my mom about for years. She was constantly ordering shoes of this sort while I lived in my parents' house, and now, that's what I'm searching for. The one difference is that I don't want the weird tiny bubbles on the back. I suppose that's enough to separate us. And I'm looking for suede, in pebble/charcoal or tan. Something like:
Do not suggest to me TOMs. I will not go there. Enough said. I once nearly went over to the dark side. Yes, a pair of Ugg moccasins were super cute and calling my name. But I didn't have $150 to spend on moccasins so I spent a tenth of the cost.

The other thing I'm considering is pitching the idea of having a go-to shoe that goes with everything, but having a solid black, a solid tan, and a solid grey shoe (I'm using "solid" in the sense of stellar) so that I need not stress about getting one shoe to go with everything, but can settle on a few. But that opens up a whole new can of worms.

Anyway, school starts back up on Tuesday. I hope that I'll be able to offer my loyal readers something as enlightening as I have been doing time and time again this winter break. Cheers!

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