Sunday, January 29, 2012

Magenta Tiers

Have you ever raided your closet only to realize that you have an item that you love, but haven't worn in a long time? My mom bought me a skirt long ago, and I only wore it for the first time this summer when my parents, the hubs, and I went out to dinner with my grandparents to celebrate their anniversary. It's not the kind of skirt I can really get away with wearing when I teach, and it's definitely not a skirt I'd wear to run errands. I decided that hanging out with the girls presented itself as a perfect opportunity for wearing it. 
Top & Belt: The Limited
Skirt: Kohl's - gift
tights - ? Target ?
Excuse the awkward pose. I was fixing my hair when the shutter went, and I didn't feel like taking another ten seconds to get a better shot. I am trying to get better about wearing things in my closet and repeating as infrequently as possible.. at least until I've worn a majority of the items in my closet.

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