Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring-Time in January

It's the second to last day in January, and so far, we have had one snowfall. Today they predicted that the weather would reach a high of 60-some degrees. Wow. Since I wasn't in the mood to wear a skirt, I decided to wear something .... spring-y. It's just too bad that my students are slackers and killed my spring mood. On the other hand, looking at The Limited's website makes me so happy because it's so freakin' colorful!! I'm so glad that designers have finally opened their eyes and realized that this is what people want to fill their closets with. Yes, we love pasty washed out colors some days... but sometimes we just want to pretend like we're playing dress up. I almost considered putting a challenge out there to pick out a top and bottom from your closet-- with your eyes closed. Since I only own a few colorful skirts, I'm not sure it would be lead to anything cool for me, but maybe if the challenge required a top and a cardigan, we could come up with something fun. 

Necklace: Forever 21
Everything else: The Limited
You know what's not fun? Talking to customer service representatives who can't speak English. Seriously. I am very happy not to be dealing with an automated service, but it's so unhelpful to speak to someone who can't understand my question. Recently I made a purchase online, and had to exchange it because it arrived with a stain on it. Lame, I know. Anyway, when the new one arrived, the receipt had marked it at full price (originally I bought it on sale + coupons for $10). I called to find out whether they made a mistake, and the representative asked me to hold on, and about a minute later said "in your package, you should find a sticker - that sticker will let you exchange your order". ... WTF?!?! Seriously?! I repeated my question, trying to be clearer, asking why I didn't get it for $10, and she asked to put me on hold. I waited for three minutes or so, hung up, and called again. Then I got a representative - fluent English speaker - and the issue was resolved within a few minutes. (Although she was being difficult, only telling me exactly what I could see for myself online.)


Double sigh because I would normally give this outfit an A- but right now I'm feeling it deserves more of a B. It seems like a great outfit, and like the only thing it is missing is something special... But for an everyday work outfit, it works. (ha). The more I look at it, however, the more critical I am of it. It's plain. It's boring. Etc. Do you ever have those feelings? Is it just my bad day/tiring weekend that's kicking in right now, or do you admit that my outfits lately are just lacking... [something]...?

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