Thursday, January 19, 2012

Imitation Gone Bad

This look was inspired by blogger J's violet and mustard yellow look, although she pulled it off so much better than I did.
Cardigan & Belt: The Limited
Top: The Limited - old - gift
Necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Maybe that's because violet and mustard yellow look so much better together than dark purple and gold? Also, I'm annoyed because this shirt makes me look fat. And I'm really not digging on these jeans for anything more than a casual look. J's colors are just so much more vivid and bright than my look. Hm.

So why does imitation not work? Is it because it's not the real thing? I have this problem with runway fashion. A designer will create something, and then a retail store will "create the look for less" -- except that it looks nothing like the original! Maybe it has a color from the same side of the wheel, or it will have lines. Essentially it ends up looking like a third grader was shown a picture from runway fashion and asked to describe that picture. "Orange. Stripes. Dress." Then, a designer from a mid-level retail company will use those prompts to create something, which is supposed to be its imitation. Hey, news flash! It doesn't work. 

I'm well aware that what blogger J, for example, does is not imitation. It's inspiration. She's not trying to replicate the look. She's trying to make it her own. (Or so it seems to me.) Does that mean that I should admit that although I was inspired by her look, I was honestly just trying to replicate it the best I could? Perhaps. Let's stew on it. What do you think? Is there a difference between inspiration and imitation? Should we fashionistas be aiming for one and not the other?

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