Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Okay, so it's a few days into the new year. Oh well. Today felt like a celebration. It was a fantastic day. The sun was out, it was a beautiful day. J. and I went to the "big city" again today to run an errand for his school, and we made a fun little pseudo-date out of it. We grabbed some Dunkin Donuts on our way, we walked around the mall, did our usual Star Wars run (sorta), and ... went to The Limited! It was so awesome!! I got to touch and feel and try on all the things I had been wanting to, and be chatty with the girls working there! (It was only after I left that I realized they were probably pulling a Sammy on me, and if I actually did work there, they would say "it's nice to meet you" on our first shift together.) It was slow so I chatted with the one employee in there, and she kept pushing for me to come work. I did mention that I had previous experience with the company, but that the drive was too much for me. My favorite part was when she said it took her 45 minutes to get to work, too. "Well, I live 20 miles away, but some days when the traffic is bad it takes me 35 minutes." ... um, not quite the same thing, dear, but okay :) 

Even when I spoke with another associate, she pushed for me to apply as well. "You could work weekends only, or work floor sets." It really made me want to work there, even though it is a smaller store, and would drive me crazy (it's so not clear where you stand in line because there are jewelry towers where the lines should be)  .. but it would be work. But then again, it would be $7-8/hour, which nearly defeats the purpose since that's gas money right there. I surely can't do anything this semester, but maybe in the summer time? Oh, who knows. We'll see. Anyway, the point is, I had a great time there.

On my way out the door to get to the meeting point with J., I decided to jump into Banana Republic real quick. Of course their sale prices were still defeating, and I didn't want to kill my mood (I got a cami and matching sweater for $15 - and I didn't even have a coupon!), so I left. But skimming online, I found this beauty:
polka perfection
Can we talk about this beauty? I would get this... if only it weren't $90. The trouble with Banana is that its online sales are weak, if not lame, and I don't have a BR near me. Poo. I have tried the line with my mom "if you see anything you think I would like..." but that hasn't worked very well. Actually, I take that back. I said once I was looking for sweaters, and she came back with ten sweaters from three or four different stores. Unfortunately most of them didn't fit me and I ended up returning them. Oh well. 

I have a few New Years' Resolutions. I typically don't make them, and I don't think I've ever stuck with them, but here they are:
1. Exercise. More. At all. Goal: do something active 5 times/week. I'm so idle these days, that I'm allowing a two mile leisurely walk with dogs to constitute as 'exercise'. So far, I've biked (on the stationary) 20 miles this week (10 miles x 2 days), and taken the dogs on one long walk. The dog walk was on the same day I biked, but I'm counting that as 2 different activities. If I lift weights tonight and do something tomorrow, I'm golden. And only have to repeat this 51 more times. Huzzah!

2. Be a better person. This is self-explanatory, but it's specifically aimed at an attempt to argue less with the husband, get angry less, study more, etc. 

3. Read the Bible. Yes, I want to read it this year. The entirety. From cover to cover (but not necessarily in that order). The Bible I received as a gift years ago has a plan to read it over two years. I am doing that, but just doing two days' reading in one. I am up to speed right now, so yay! 

There are other things I hope to accomplish, but I am pleased with this list because it covers the three important aspects: the mental, the physical, and the spiritual. I would also like to resolve to be less zealous about things this year, but I'm not sure what kind of resolution that is, let alone how to narrow it down to something meaningful. It's obvious that I get in certain phases sometimes. (Earlier this year I was obsessed with outfits - I would spend hours looking at blogs, trying to get ideas. It got out of hand.) We're going to try to do less of that. 

Oh, and thanks to my new camera, an outfit from today's outing with the hubs:
(awkward angle c/o shooting at an upward angle... hopefully I'll get the kinks out by next week)
Skinny Jeans: The Limited
Shirt: American Eagle - gift
Sweater: American Eagle - old

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