Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Day of School

I have to wake up at 7am since I'm teaching at 9 (and 10) am. I'm drained, both mentally and physically. But I still have to bring you my OOTD. (Look at how devoted I am!) 

This outfit is brought to you by the letter P. P is for prepared, preppy, pretty, and philosophical. I'll explain why I chose those letters later.

Scarf: The Limited - gift
Cardigan: The Limited
Skinny Jeans: The Limited
Boots: Kohl's
I tried imitating a couple of looks today. First, I found this outfit idea on Pinterest (no, I don't have an account). It looked better there because the model was wearing a big purple scarf but my only options left me with one that was too light and the other that was too outdoorsy. So, I took this pink/purple scarf, folded it so that only the purple would show, and then tied it up to transform it into an infinity scarf. I think I was able to get away with it because my hair was covering the knot in the back. I probably could have added some pizazz to this outfit, but I wasn't feeling it today. And I would've worn my purple flats but I just couldn't bring myself to do it since it was 30 degrees today. (Apparently it's 8 degrees right now. Joy.) 

As I look at it, I'm not very pleased with it. Thank goodness I just had one class today. I feel like it's missing something. Maybe a skinny belt? I feel like I've said "skinny belt" more time this past week than anybody should. Well, maybe people in retail trying to sell them should say that term as often as I have. Anyway. I planned my teaching outfit tomorrow, and was calm and satisfied with my decision until I went to iron it and realized how filthy it looks. It probably hasn't been washed in a while, and it seems really obvious. I'm just hoping nobody will notice. Or that nobody will care. I don't know if I'm more nervous to teach 7 people or 35. I really hope that I have some fun people in my class. I had a few students in one of my classes last semester that really made teaching joyful. I'm not holding my breath for this semester, however. Sigh. Nerves. 

Last night I had really bizarre dreams. I dreamed that I was teaching my 9am section, and things were going really well, but with fifteen minutes left until the end of the period, they started packing up their things and getting up to leave. I tried to corral them to get them to stay, but didn't have any luck. I let them going, feeling happy that it went well for the first 35 minutes. (I think in the dream I came to class well dressed but then changed into scrubs for some reason- maybe because I came dressed up, so they saw the professional look, and then I decided to ditch it for something more comfortable?) Then I arranged the chairs in a slightly larger circle, knowing that I would have more students coming. But all of a sudden the class was filled with students, and I kept having to push the desks back to allow more in the circle. While doing this, I realized I was in my underwear! Seriously! Pantless! I was super embarrassed, so I quickly sat down, and when I did, I was wearing gym shorts. (Better than nothing, eh?) I waited for the clock to hit 10:00, and when it did, I took a breath to begin speaking, and as I did, I heard a voice say "welcome to ---" (some other class). I looked over, and it was a girl I had known since 4th grade. I checked my schedule only to realize that I was in the wrong room! I quickly ran across campus (and it was raining), ran into some people, had to keep moving, and then finally found myself in my room. I said "hello, welcome to PHIL 180, my name is Kate. Today we will be introducing ourselves to one another and going over the syllabus." Then a student asked, "so where's the syllabus?" I realized I didn't have any on me so I said "there were printer issues in the office, so I'll just read mine and you can follow along". Well this kid was throwing a tantrum so I told him I was taking away his participation points for the day, and he said if I was doing that, he had no reason to stay, so he left. Then I looked down and noticed my shoes/boots were on the wrong feet. I was trying to fix it without drawing attention to myself and without touching them, but a girl near me called me out for having Jay-Z boots (or some other black hip hop artist). It was so bizarre.

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