Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cop-Out #4: Imitate

When all else fails, imitate! I don't think I would have ever put today's outfit together on my own, but I'm really glad that someone else did for me!

Inspiration: J's Everyday Fashion
(who was inspired by the Loft)
My turn!
Cardigan: Target (2010)
Shirt: Gap - really old
Skinny Jeans: The Limited
Boots: Madden Girl (gift)
robot/doll impression -
note the awkward arm
left: what it looked like
right: how I wish it looked

I have a few frustrations with my outfit. First, the shirt is too big. I think my mom got it for me when I was in middle school? You can see in the left picture I have no shape... unless boxes are considered shapes. I included the far right picture to illustrate how much better the outfit looks when the cardigan can actually come together. (The other problem is that this cardigan wasn't made to have shirts underneath it.) I chose to leave the shirt untucked because I wanted volume on top, less on bottom look. Do you think it would have looked better tucked in? Or should I have added a skinny belt? Something feels off.. or is it all in my head? [On the bright side of things - no pun intended - I think the blue is a shade that is worthy of earning me an accomplishment of my goal? 3 for 3!]

Feigning Fashion Tip of the Day: Imitation goes a long way. One of the best ways to be stylish is look at what others have done before you. Sometimes it works best to keep it similar, and other times, the sky is the limit. Really it's entirely up to you (or your mood). I dare you to flip a magazine open and imitate a look. Ready, go!

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