Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cop-Out #3: Add a Scarf

I could have also titled this post "Hooray! I achieved my goal!: Day 1". I noticed that bright colors were severely lacking from my outfits lately, and so I set a goal for myself to incorporate at least one bright color into my outfit every day this week. (I think my wording may have been different, but it's the same idea.) I achieved my goal today!
Sweater, Belt, & Jeans: The Limited
Pashmina: Greece (the country)
The color of the sweater is brighter in person, but even so, it's much brighter than what I've been wearing lately. And to top it off (no pun intended), I added more color with my scarf! This provides me with a great transition to the next feigning fashion tip of the day: add a scarf! 

The beauty about scarves is that they are an accessory that is large enough to not have all attention directed towards your clothes, but is not so bold that it distracts from the clothes. It draws attention to some sort of middle ground - the attention isn't on the shirt/sweater, it's not on the scarf, it's on the entire top. I really love how these two colors work together. My advice for scarves goes as follows: if you're wearing a solid color top, either choose a solid scarf that matches, or wear a scarf that adds some pizazz. I tend to prefer to keep it simple, so you won't catch me wearing a pattern scarf with a pattern shirt. The best part about scarves is that they work year-round. Granted there are some climates where a scarf is the last thing you want on in the summer (even if it's super light weight), but there are also some climates where the scarf is functional, so might as well look good while you wear it. Click the labels link 'scarf' to see more ways I've worn scarves in outfits. My favorite is the traditional European way (picture above) and the wrap around once. Watch the video to see 25 different ways to wear a scarf. Which way is your favorite? Do you wear scarves? 

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