Friday, January 27, 2012

Brown & Purple

It's the simplest outfit I've taught in yet this semester, but I think it's perfectly acceptable for a Friday. This was actually the first time I had worn these pants, and I'm quite pleased with them. I was really worried last night about whether I could wear anything with them other than white. Wearing them with green would seem to tree-ish, and wearing them with yellow would look like pee and poo. Would you agree, or am I being ridiculous? Clearly these pants are too dark to pair with black, and any dark color for that matter. I might try them with pink next time, or some really intense color to offset the brownness. What would you wear with brown pants? Do you even wear brown pants? I personally found them to be a breath of fresh air, compared to black pants.

How I wore it
Necklace: Forever 21
Everything else: The Limited
Not pictured: Purple flats: Old Navy
How I could have worn it?

Again, I wasn't sure whether I should put the belt around the cardigan or around the pants. I chose the former... but I think if I were to wear this outfit (or a similar one), I would try the latter. I suppose I should have buttoned the bottom buttons of my cardigan if I'm not going to wear it with a belt? Arg. I've been really frustrated with skinny belts lately. Honestly, I've had a love/hate relationship with them since the first time I saw them. I initially did not understand why someone would put a belt around her sweater! Belts are to hold pants up! Are you worried your sweater is going to fall off without the belt? ... Then the more I saw them, the more I loved them. Their only function is to accentuate a smaller waist line, but they are great for adding color and pulling an outfit together. This raises the question... was today's outfit in need of being pulled together?

In other news, TWO chains have closed down! Old Navy and American Eagle have packed their bags! Seriously! What's next? I really hope that they replace those buildings with something awesome... but if those businesses can't survive, what can? The building where Old Navy was is so huge. It clearly can't be used for a smaller business. Jared thinks that they should put a sporting goods store there since there aren't any in the city. I actually had the same thought when I first started considering what might go there.

When we moved, there was a burger place that had obviously been closed for some time. Just this week, a Mexican restaurant opened in its place. I'm not sure for how long it had been decided that the Mexican restaurant would go there, but it went up really quickly. (But in my eyes, it took five months for the burger stand to be replaced.) I'm guessing it will be the same with the old Old Navy and American Eagle?

Well, this week's goal/challenge has finally come to an end. I think I did a better job of being more conscious of including color in my outfits, although the colors weren't as bright as I had hoped they would be. At least I ended up incorporating some color rather than just wearing jeans and a neutral top or black pants, black cardigan, and some bland top. I haven't decided yet what next week's goal will be. The problem is that I'm not sure if it is entirely appropriate to experiment with fashion on days I teach (which make up three days of the week). I might change my mind in a few weeks, however, after I feel comfortable in my role as this particular semester's instructor. Only time will tell. Enough with my ramblings. Anything you want to ramble about? I've got two great ears :-)

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