Saturday, May 18, 2019


Here we go again... another attempt to write a comeback post. 

Countless time this past year, I've started a post that tries to recap what I've been up to, why I've been absent, and what my plans are for this blog. And for one reason or another, those posts piled up in my drafts. 

They all basically started out the same way: I graduated and then spent months (read: moooonths) job hunting. But now I have something new to share: I accepted a job offer last month, and while I'm more exhausted than I can ever remember, I am happy.

I'm not sure if having an excuse to dress up and wash my hair regularly is the cause or effect of this new happiness, but I'm not sure it really matters. The point is that I'm finally putting outfits together, and it has made me want to get back into blogging. I started posting on Instagram again, but I'm not sure it's enough. 

So this is my attempt to get back into blogging, even though I just last week heard someone say, "blogs are dying... this isn't the time to start them, it's the time to end them". 

[This isn't a photo of myself or my child. 
This is a photo that perfectly illustrates my words above. 
Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash
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Gifted by the worlds' most generous community of photographers.]

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Oh, hey again

Well, hello there. It is with great happiness that I announce that I have finished writing my dissertation! I defend next month, and graduate the following month. It has been an incredibly hectic few months year as I have been juggling school, work, and baby (er, toddler!) all at the same time. I wasn't able to find the time or energy for blogging, let alone Instagram. (It doesn't help that I still have yet to master taking outfit selfies and don't have a real full-length mirror.) Thus the hiatus.

As I transition to the next chapter of my life, I hope to find my way back to blogging. I have been thinking a lot lately about outfits, and especially how my clothes really are reflective and indicative (of what, I'm not entirely sure yet). I have also been thinking about my journey in style, and where I am in that journey. I hope you'll stick around while I figure things out and make my way back to blogging :)

Cardigan: The Limited  //  Tee: Gap  //  Jeans: LOFT  //  Flats: Target

I wore this outfit shopping... but more on that another time ;)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Man, I miss blogging

Although my blog posts are few and far between these days, it's not for a lack of interest. I feel like I can't use baby as an excuse since there are so many mommy bloggers out there (how do y'all do it?!). But I can use baby, moving, dissertation, and teaching online courses all together as an excuse. I didn't mind the absence from the blogosphere really until fall weather hit. I didn't mind wearing my maternity tees because I absolutely love them (seriously- I already have a black one and a white one and am contemplating getting another one the next time I go shopping), but also because getting dressed in the summer was so easy. When I did go out, the weather was relatively mild so I was able to wear the same jeans, tee, and sandals, unless it was a special occasion. The last "special" occasion was in October when my parents came to visit and we went out to lunch and then the outlet mall. This was my outfit:

Tommy Hilfiger sweater (c/o Mom)  //  Apt. 9 jeans  //  Old Navy flats

It felt great looking somewhat put together, but now that it's too cold for bare feet and ankles, I need new options. First, I need to stop wearing my maternity jeans a pair of jeans that fit. Then, I need shoes. The non-flat, non-boot, but appropriate for cold weather shoe has been the greatest struggle for me. I have yet to find something that I like and that works for my closet. Recently my aunt-in-law gifted me these booties (in cognac), but I can't figure out what to do with my jeans: tuck them in? Roll them up? Let them sit on top of the boot? 

I also tried these shooties on recently, and at the time, I thought they could work. I tried them on, but I didn't love them and there were plenty in stock, so I passed for the moment. 

Then when I got home and looked at them again, I felt like they were so... what's the word.. not cute? I'm beginning to think that I'm going to have to accept unflattering shoe options if I don't want to wear boots all fall/winter long. 

Once I have jeans and shoes in place, the rest should be easy, but it's not. Somehow I have forgotten how to get dressed in my time off from blogging. So here I am, back at square one, trying to put myself together for those seldom but much needed occasions out of the house. This really is a journey in style.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Budget

graphic tees (pocket) (print*) : orig. $15 each, on sale $7.50
floral shorts: orig. $20, on sale $10
stripe joggers: orig. $25, on clearance $10
*see the actual one on Instagram

Earlier this month I went shopping for baby clothes, and after I realized I had spent way too much time in Gymboree debating between whether to get the 6-12 mo. or 12-18 mo. hoodie, I said screw it, got the smaller one because it's what he needs now, and went to Old Navy to shop for myself. Of course, by that time, baby had been awake for long enough where nap time was getting closer by the minute. I had just enough time to do a sweep of the clearance section and find a few things to try on (and buy, because who can honestly get any real thinking done when you know your tot's cries are saying "Mom, I'm tired. Mom, I want to take a nap. Mommmmm...." --- At least that's how my guilt complex interpreted his grunts and groans.)

Anyway, I went home with the epitome of my wardrobe these days: lounge wear and tees. But you know what? When you're a MWWFH (mom who works from home), lounge wear is an indication that you have overcome just one more obstacle in your day: getting out of your PJs. For me, new lounge wear means that I can go a day without wearing the same old (new) soccer shorts. And some days, that is what is keeping me sane. 

While these were all impulse purchases, I have already worn them all more than some things I bought years ago. Once I figure out a simple and efficient way to take selfies, get them in blogger, and put some words next to them, I'll show off my tees. Any advice for doing this would be much appreciated :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

back at it again

Hi there! I'm not even sure where to begin since so much has happened since the last time I posted. The most time occupying thing that happened is that we moved. While we were in the process of that, Baby Tater Tot learned how to roll over. About three days ago he learned how to army crawl and has been unstoppable since. Add two teeth, and you've got one mom with full overflowing hands. (Hands were full with grad school, online courses, and life in general. Moving with an infant only multiplied the load.)

What brings me back to the blog? Honestly, I miss it. I miss fashion. Even when I go to Target and walk by the women's section, I feel left out. What's worse is that I felt resentment towards others who had time to look put together, and even more resentment towards those who had the time and energy to blog. I stopped looking at blogs and didn't log into Instagram for what felt like a long time. After chatting about this in my mommy group, I realized that blogging wasn't just something I did in my spare time; it was part of my identity.

And so now that we're basically done moving (minus a handful of boxes that still need unpacking), and baby is getting on a somewhat regular nap schedule, I think I'll be able to throw a post together here and there. To all of the mothers out there who haven't missed a beat in the course of raising a newborn, I salute you. 

occasion: lunch date (in the midst of moving)

(gifts c/o Mom)

It was finally time to retire my favorite black maxi skirt . It was really starting to thin out and become see-through. Even my mom agreed so she bought me a new one. Although I loved that I scored mine for under $20, the quality of the new one far surpasses the old, so I'm looking forward to getting years of wear from it. After buying the skirt, my mom earned a rewards certificate, so we went to the store, and used it on the tee. There were so many great colors, but the turquoise was the only one in my size that wasn't black, white, or grey, and we all know I have enough of those colors in my closet. (This one in lilac was a close runner up; I'm still debating getting it because the tees are so soft and comfortable.)
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