Wishlist for 2013

Buy less, spend less, think more.

The three biggest shopping mistakes I made in 2012 were (1) buying on impulse (2) buying because something was on a great sale, and (3) trying to make a square fit into a circle. Mistakes #1 and #2 are easy to avoid because you know what it's like to do these things. Avoiding mistake #3 is slightly more difficult.

Imagine trying to jam a square into a circle. It just doesn't work. You might be able to get a portion of the square into the circle, but needless to say, it's not a perfect fit. I was guilty of doing this time and time again in 2012; I put something on my want list, like a black and white striped shirt, and bought the first one I saw and liked, rather than holding out, looking around, and waiting for one I absolutely loved. 

This year, I'm making shopping lists and not allowing myself to purchase unless it's a perfect fit.

My circles:

When I find an item, you'll be able to click to see it, and you'll see where it came from.

1. Olive button-up shirt (soft and silky) - Old Navy
2. Denim jacket - Target
3. Military vest (ideally identical to the one pictured, via Old Navy) - Old Navy
4. Polka dot button up shirt
5. Cobalt blazer (like this)
6. Leopard print longsleeve shirt
7. Black flats - Target
8. Military jacket with hood
9. These exact heels (via ShoeDazzle, style: Erin) -- let me know if you ever come across them in size 8.5!
10. Cross body neutral bag (ideally identical to one pictured) have, but not featured on blog - The Limited
11. White crochet shoes

Not pictured:
12. White jeans
13. Black elastic belt with cute not-gold clasp
14. Tweed blazer (ideally with elbow patches)
15. Dark olive shorts
16. Light grey v-neck tee
17. Striped maxi skirt - The Limited
18. Light purple silky soft button up blouse
19. Light purple sweater  - Old Navy
20. Perfect LBD
21. Perfect LWD

22. Olive full-length pants (fitted, but not super skinny)
23. Cognac round-toe ballet flats
24. Red ballet flats
25. Cobalt blue ankle pants (fitted, but not super skinny)
26. Floral pants (fitted, but not super skinny)
27. Burgundy pencil skirt (like this)
28. Light heather grey cotton crewneck sweater (like this)
29. Pink crewneck sweater (like this)
30. Navy cotton crewneck sweater (like this)

31. Black cotton crewneck sweater (like this)
32. Light grey boyfriend cardigan
33. big chunky sweater cardigan (like this)
34. Sweater coat
35. Pretty winter coat (like this and/or this)

36. longsleeve dresses
37. black ankle booties (low or no heel)
38. more scarves (plaid, solid, print, whatever)


  1. These are all great items, Kate. Have you come across any of them & purchased them. Most of them are easy to find, especially all the Military Jackets/Vests or the Denim Jacket. Finding the perfect Black Flats that won't fall apart is difficult though. But I think even more difficult is finding the perfect LWD & LBD. =)

  2. I have a cute leopard print top for sale in my Poshmark closet if you are interested :)


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