Tips for Effortless Style

Sometimes fashion really IS effortless. Here are some ways that I've managed to tease out some style in one simple step.

* Imitate
       - J's Everyday Fashion herehereherehere
       - Pinterest here, herehere
       - other bloggers herehere

* Repeat color schemes
        - pink and navy herehere, herehere
        - pink and blue here, here, here
        - black and blue here, here
        - pink and stripes here, here

Repeat Outfits
       - really, it's okay to!

* Repeat outfit templates
        - tee and skirt here, here, here, here, here
        - top, cardigan, skirt here, here, here, here

* Layer {not just during winter}
        - belted vest here
        - with a dress here

* Do something different
[this is not so effortless at times, but can be with practice]
         - tying a tshirt over a dress here
         - monochromatic top = dress here, here
         - DIY colorblock here
         - jacket over dress + boots here

Add jewelry

* Add a scarf

* Wear a button-up shirt

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