Monday, April 25, 2016

March Budget

I know this is late, but I wanted to get it together before posting April's budget report. (Can you believe it's almost May?!)

  1. white tee: orig. $35, on final sale $5 - I know, I know. Another white tee. I couldn't resist the price. Plus, I'm starting to think a new white tee is in order every year since I wear them out so much. There's just something about the crisp clean white that I can't resist.
  2. colorblock scarf: orig. $38, on clearance $23 - This scarf was so delicate and beautiful, up until it snagged really badly the first time I wore it. Hopefully Nordstrom will take it back.
  3. olive shorts: orig. $50, on final sale $4 - Admittedly an impulse purchase, but at $4, how could I resist? I'm sure these will get plenty of wear this summer.
  4. white cardigan: orig. $70, w/coupon $20 - I can't remember what my justification for purchasing this was, but I did, and I love it. I seriously have to keep myself from wearing it too much.
  5. textured cami: orig. $40, on clearance $13 - I had wanted this top since I first saw it, but didn't want to spend $15 on it. I thought I lost out on it when it sold out before dropping below $15, but I got another chance on one fateful shopping day. 
  6. boyfriend tee (similar): orig. $13, on clearance $3 - When I went shopping over spring break, Old Navy had some ridiculously good sales. I can't even begin to tell you how many things were less than $10. It took a lot of self control to not buy everything, but I ended up with something I knew I'd wear a lot.
  7. sleeveless blue top: orig. $50, on final sale $4 - The color of this top caught my eye, the fit made me love it, and the price was an added bonus. The tag was marked $15, but it rang up for $4. I have worn this top three or four times now. The only drawback is that there is a crease that refuses to come out of it. 


  1. That too bad about the scarf. Hopefully you can return it.

  2. I am seriously impressed by the versatile items that you got for such steals! That blue top is gorgeous! Hopefully the crease eventually comes out!

  3. You got some really great deals on basics plus that gorgeous blue top! Good deals!


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