Monday, March 7, 2016

grey dress + floral scarf

Is mixing prints still a thing? I never officially jumped on that wagon, but I can't say that I don't watch it go by and consider hopping on. But on this particular day (a couple weeks ago), stripes and floral was just what the doctor called for. 

Then again, if the doctor is calling for floral, I want a second opinion. I think I have developed allergies. Do you have allergies? They stink. I have been taking Claritin, and after three days, I finally am starting to feel better. I'm not sure if that's because the medicine is finally kicking in, or if it has just been less spring-y this weekend. I'm hoping for the former, because by the look of things, allergy season is going to be brutal this year.

Striped Tee: Gap  //  Scarf: LOFT  //  Dress: Old Navy  // 
Belt: The Limited  //  Tights: Gap  //  Flats: via Target


  1. Oohh! I love the purples and the pattern mixing. Well done! I have extreme allergies (and by extreme I mean I'm allergic to my cat). I take allergy medicine every single day :/ Welcome to the unfortunate allergy club.

  2. I have allergies too and they sure suck. I'm not sure if pattern mixing is still a thing but I did some pattern mixing today.

  3. I was (am?) probably too enthusiastic about mixing prints! So of course, I really love this look. And I hope your allergies go away. I only had that problem when I lived in Indiana, and it was terrible.


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