Friday, March 11, 2016

Five x Friday

1. As if I needed any more reason to like Leonardo DiCaprio...
2. Want to reduce the chance of your child developing a peanut allergy? Expose them to peanuts at a young age! (Or so research suggests...)
3. Pocket penguin? Yes please!
4. It wouldn't be a true Five x Friday without bears.
5. ... and I want to make it an extra special Friday by giving you a double dose of bears :)


  1. The medical field is really making strides with helping children that already have peanut allergies over come them and keeping children from getting them. I wish I wasn't too old for the studies. You definitely have a way with scarves. I love all the colors it adds to the outfit.

  2. Leonardo Dicaprio AND cute animals! This post makes me smile!

  3. Oh my gosh I could watch that bear clip all day! Too cute!

  4. What a cute bear clip. Have a great weekend.

  5. THOSE BEARS! I want a baby bear to snuggle right now! I've been sad all winter because the bears are hiding in their caves at the zoo. I am excited for it to warm up so they will be out and about again. The polar bear is at least usually visible, sitting in the doorway to his cave, but in the summer, he's usually swimming laps and it is awesome.


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