Wednesday, March 9, 2016

about a blazer

Once upon a time, I bought a bunch of blazers because I thought they were the bee's knees. But not long thereafter, I resented all my blazers because I would feel too constricted in them and get too hot in them on teaching days. On non-teaching days, I would avoid blazers because I felt too overdressed in them. Long story short: my blazers have been neglected over the years. 

Fast forward to this year when all I care about is being comfortable when I teach, and I have to try to figure out a way to balance comfort with some semblance of professionalism. So how do you make stretchy pants and a tank top work appropriate? Add a blazer! 

How do you like to style blazer? I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate them into my daily outfits, so I'd love to hear your suggestions! 

Tank: LOFT  //  Blazer: The Limited  //  Necklace: Le Tote  //  
Ankle Pants: Old Navy  //  Flats: J. Crew Factory


  1. I have similar problems with blazers. Plus I never know what outerwear to put on over top in the all feels so bulky! Mine need a little more love.

  2. cute and simple. I don't wear my blazer a lot. I own 3 of them and they just sit in my closet.

  3. I have a few blazers and like to pair them with sweaters, tanks, or dresses. I love how it looks with those pattern shoes! So classic and chic!

  4. I miss my blazers! I used to wear them quite a bit to work pretty much interchangeably with cardigans. You look really effortlessly chic here!

  5. Too funny, I wrote about my love / hate relationship with blazers today too. I would like to buy some knit blazers that maybe more comfortable to wear. Great look!


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  6. You can never go wrong with a blazer! Love the shoes you paired with it :)

    Edye //

  7. I like them over sleeveless dresses in the winter! And you can be even warmer if you sneak an extra long sleeve tee underneath. It's almost spring now but you can hang on to that idea for next year ;)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  8. This is exactly the reason why I love blazers - wear whatever, put a blazer on top and it looks good ;)


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