Tuesday, February 23, 2016

on getting good deals

Today I'm sharing some of my best tips for getting good deals. 

Wait. By now I assume you're familiar with the ebb and flow of clothing prices. As a new arrival, we're looking at full price. Then there are a few promotions here and there that will knock 30-50% off the price, depending on the store. But if you wait long enough, you can get what you want for the clearance price. That was what happened with the flats I'm wearing today. I double-y waited because I didn't buy them as soon as they went on clearance. It turned out to be a good decision; when I went back to buy them, they were even cheaper!

Wait even longer. Sometimes clearance prices just don't do it for us. I have found way too many times that the price of a clearance item is actually more than it was when it was a regular priced item on a 30-50% off promotion. So it may take waiting for the store to run an additional 30-50% (60% if you're lucky!) promotion off the clearance items. That's how I managed to get my sweater for $12.

Phone-a-friend. I wanted this skirt from the moment I first saw it. Fast forward months (months!) later, and it still was beyond a reasonable price point online. The stores closest to me did not have the skirts in stock by the time they hit clearance, but do you know which store did? The one closest to my mom. Long story short, she bought the skirt for me (for far less than the online sale price). Hooray!

Giveaways. I'm hosting a giveaway tomorrow, so be sure to come back to take advantage of the best kind of deal: the kind that's free. Stay tuned!


  1. That skirt is definitely worth the wait! It's adorable! I've found that about clearance prices, too. Just because it says clearance doesn't mean that it is a good deal or that you can't get it cheaper!

  2. Your mom is too awesome to pick up this skirt for you. I rarely shop in physical stores much and I know when things are on clearance, the store prices are always better.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  3. Sometimes the waiting is so hard because it might be sold out later. But agreed, waiting usually pays off!

  4. That's a really cool skirt! Hooray for getting it on sale and having a mom who can help you out! My sister works at the Gap, so she can sometimes track things down for me, which is awesome. (but she's going to quit soon and then what will I do???)


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