Monday, February 29, 2016

February Budget

What I bought...

  1. blush cluster earrings: orig. $25, on clearance $7 - I went to The Limited to make some returns, and was distracted by the clearance jewelry while waiting in line. I have already worn them a bunch, so I'm content.
  2. red crossbody bag: orig. $40, on sale $19 - I have been wanting a new crossbody bag in a bright color. Since I wasn't ready to splurge, I found that this bag was the right choice for the time being.
  3. geo-print scarf: orig. $19, on sale $13 - Saw this scarf online, bought it, and loved it. It has already proven to be a great addition to my closet.
  4. wrap look sweater: orig. $60, on clearance $10 - Impulse purchase, no denying that. It was on super sale and I liked that it was different. I would probably regret this if it weren't so easy to get the cost-per-wear down.
  5. black wrap sweater: orig. $50, on clearance $12 - I originally bought this one in turquoise but didn't like the way it looked on me. I'm far happier with the black, although it has made me feel like I need more non-black pants.
  6. blossom infinity scarf: orig. $35, on sale $16 - An add-on for free shipping. Turns out that it really goes nicely with my wardrobe, and it doesn't make me hot when I teach. Win-win.
  7. dark wash skinny jeans: orig. $70, on sale $30 - My favorite pair of skinny jeans are really faded and worn out, which means I need a new pair. These were on super sale and are super perfect. 
  8. sateen skinny jeans: orig. $80, on sale $36 - See above.
What I received as a gift...

Both pieces c/o Mom. The jeans were purchased last month, but I wasn't sure if I was going to keep them since they're not a perfect fit. But they are at a comfortable relaxed fit, and that is what I want in casual pants. The skirt is just so pretty, I can't wait until warmer weather rolls around and I can wear it without tights.

What I returned...
I placed one big order to LOFT in order to qualify for free shipping. While I kept two pairs of jeans and a scarf, I ended up returning this dress (I didn't know it was drop waist and it looked silly on me), this top (loved it at first, but every time I thought it was the day to wear it, it felt so blah), and this sweater in both grey and white (I didn't like the grey, and I probably have enough white sweaters). While I could have easily kept the white sweater, I'm not regretting any of these return decisions. 

What I have my eye on for next month...
I still have yet to put together a wishlist for 2016, but there isn't much left on it, now that I found replacement skinny jeans and added a few new scarves to my collection. I know I'll be incredibly tempted by spring lines but I'll try my hardest to remind myself that I really don't need anything... unless I find some dresses that work triple duty for teaching, full research days on campus, and lunch dates. Or more fun accessories ;)

How did you do this month? Is there anything you're looking to buy now that spring lines are rolling out? 

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  1. Pretty good month. It seems like you got some nice basics, for sure! I think my focus in the coming months needs to be shoes. I need new regular tennis shoes, and I want some cute casual-type tennis shoes that look okay with skinny jeans or shorts. And then my navy flats and gray flats have both bit the dust. So I just have shoes on my mind!

  2. As usual, you got some really great deals! I feel like I did pretty well this month too but it was because I just didn't like anything that was out there. I might splurge in March though since I have so much of my budget left over!

  3. You always find the best clearance deals! That button sweater is absolutely gorgeous! Red is a such a fun purse color. I bet you'll have fun using it!

  4. Wow! You really got some great deals! I love that wrap sweater. I pair black with a lot of printed skirts and it would be fun to have an interesting black top like that!

  5. That wrap sweater does seem cool and interesting. And haha, I honestly think about how I need pants in colors besides black all the time...

  6. That wrap sweater does seem cool and interesting. And haha, I honestly think about how I need pants in colors besides black all the time...

  7. Those earrings are really cute, such a steal for $7! That red crossbody is awesome as well. I've been looking for something similar, but I haven't managed to narrow down the options yet.

    I'm under budget this month, which leaves me a pretty healthy budget for March. I think March may be an accessory month :)

  8. It looks like you found some really cute items, I hadn't heard of the Mom brand before but wow- that skirt is super cute and the print is really different!


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