Friday, June 19, 2015

one month later

It's been one month since I last posted. I've been meaning to post, but I haven't been able to figure out where to start. Here are some things that I've been contemplating writing about:

  • I bought a Garmin Vivofit in May. Without a doubt it has had an effect on me.
  • One reason why I've been MIA lately is because I've been on vacation. 
  • For two weeks, I basically only wore two pairs of bermuda shorts and a few tops (including my favorite tank). It made getting dressed so easy, but I also got "same old, same old" syndrome.
  • I have more items in my online shopping carts than ever before. (And more in the mail than ever before. At least I can make a review post out of it? Or is it time for an intervention?)
  • This blogging break has been great. It was just what I needed. 
  • School has taken over my life again, but I want to finish my closet clean-out this summer. 

Maybe I'll just write about all of these things in the next few weeks? In the mean time, I'll try to catch up on what I missed in the blogosphere, but realistically, that will be limited to what has happened this past week. So since I've been unplugged for a month, fill me in! Have any new trends popped up or disappeared? What are you loving and/or hating? What have you been up to? 


  1. I also have a Garmin Vivofit and love it. Glad you had a great blog break.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful vacation! I am with you about closet clean out-it's on my summer to-do list!

  3. kate's back! i have missed you, girl, but i hope you had a lovely, relaxing month off! hope to hear more about your vivofit in the future and i can completely empathize about overfilling online shopping carts. i'll have a $100 j crew factory order arriving in the mail to me any day now. ahh!

  4. Welcome back!! I've also gone slightly crazy online shopping!! Loft, has been killing me lately.... Sales mixed with adorable dresses... Eeeeeeekkkkk!!

  5. Welcome back! I'm currently on a blogging break too and haven't even commented on blogs in a few weeks. It's been so nice and I haven't wanted to come back haha. Can't tell you about any new trends since I'm seeing a lot of the same trends from last year coming back. I'm trying to buy less--minus thrifting because there's so many gems to be found!

  6. I'm in the middle of a blogging break right now for several reasons (new house, no internet, no outfit photos/reason to get dressed, feeling like crap about how I look right now and not wanting to be in front of the know, the usual, hahaha). I think that I want to get back into it, but very likely in a different format. I don't think I can stay away forever - I'd miss all my blog friends wayyyy too much!

    I can't wait to catch up on your posts and hear more about what you've been up to, my friend!


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