Thursday, June 25, 2015

May Budget

(ETA: I just realized that I put this post together before taking my blogging break, but never got around to publishing it. Oh well. Better late than never, right?)

1) Old Navy sleeveless top: originally $23, on promotion $14 - I've had my eye on this top for months, and so when it finally dropped below $15, I ordered it. I will be working this summer, and so I envision a top like this helping keep me cool, but maintaining a level of appropriateness.
2) J. Crew Factory scarf: originally $47, on clearance $6 - Part impulse purchase, part replacement. Totally justified though, as I've worn it a few times already (though only once on the blog). 
3) J. Crew Factory puffer vest: originally $98, on clearance $40 - I put this in my online cart as soon as I saw it. Sure, I won't wear it until October, but I get so much wear from my other vests that I know this is a good purchase.
4) Old Navy tank: originally $15, on promotion $10 - This was one of those "add to cart in order to qualify for free shipping" purchases. It ended up being my favorite of the order. It's so comfortable and I can easily see myself wearing it ten times this summer. (ETA: I already have worn it that many times.)
5) J. Crew Factory printed tee: originally $65, on promotion $20 - The mistake of the order. The print was too great to pass up. Unfortunately it has such a terrible fit. This top was sewn with the intention of arms staying at one's side. As soon as I move my arms, the entire top moves, too. I'm debating it taking it to the tailor. I think if the seams under the armpit can be sewn higher, I'll feel more comfortable. Or maybe I'll just return it. [EDIT: RETURNED]

= $70

I can't say that I have my eye on anything this summer. I've been tempted countless times by these sandals, and I may get them because the glitter sandals from two years ago have seen better days. I honestly hope to make do with everything I have in my closet for this summer, but since I'll be working this summer, I may need some more hot weather work appropriate clothing. 

I haven't decided yet whether I will try to dress up for work this summer, or whether I will take it easy in maxi skirts and graphic tees (like this maxi and this tee), or fall somewhere in between with lightweight dresses (like this one or this one). Decisions, decisions!


  1. you did great this month. Awesome find on the puffer vest.

  2. You could always do both- maxi skirts some days and lightweight dresses on others. That's pretty much how I roll all year long! I have those sandals you're thinking of getting and they have not dissapointed. I wear them 3-4 times per week.

  3. Oohh, I'm glad you snagged that vest! I can't wait to see how you style it :)

  4. Great vest and tank here. And I think you need those dresses from The Limited. They are both so elegant!

  5. Pretty good month, I think!


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