Sunday, June 28, 2015

Budget Rewind: May 2013

  • Old Navy striped skirt: $9 - One of my best purchases ever. Cost-per-wear under $1. Enough said.
  • Target glitter sandals: $10 - Another item with a cost-per-wear under $1. They've been a go-to sandal during the summer months. I may have to retire them soon, but I may get another pair from Target this summer before they're no longer in stock.
  • H&M black maxi skirt: $18 - I remember hesitating about spending $18 on a maxi skirt. While only featured 7 times on the blog, it's gotten a lot of wear off the blog (airports, traveling, running errands in the summer). I may have to replace this one in the future as it's starting to fade. Long story short: another great purchase.
  • Sophie Theallet for The Limited handbag: $11 - After missing out on a really popular purse from Target, I wanted to find something similar. I waited and waited until this bag went on super clearance, and scored it for $11. It has easily been used more than 11 times.

  • The Limited oatmeal blazer: $36 - When I bought this blazer, it fit like a glove. Now I think it's slightly too short and too tight (despite the ponte knit stretch). I don't love the 3/4 sleeves, but I don't hate them either. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have bought it. But that might be coming from a person who used to love blazers and now is just meh about them.

  • The Limited hi-lo dress: $45 - I had a hard time deciding whether this was a medium purchase or a bad one. Based on feeling: medium. Based on times worn: bad. I loved the way I felt in this dress when I bought it, and I still have that feeling when I wear it, but I don't wear it that much. I feel like it's too nice to be worn on non-special occasions, which means that it gets worn once or twice a year. (And yes, I realize I am completely avoiding talking about the hi-lo trend.)

This was another month where I make some big ticket purchases that I end up regretting. I'm not sure if I'm just being critical, or if I'm trying to learn a lesson here. On the other hand, my good purchases this month are actually great purchases-- they're all things I would buy again if I had to do this month over again. That's a great feeling, and I'm hoping to replicate it for the upcoming June 2015 budget report.


  1. Your good purchases are really good, though. That striped skirt is easily one of my smartest buys as well. Cost per wear has to be close to 25cents at this point! I'm sad about that dress. I remember when you asked us for advice on whether you should keep it, and having the same thoughts you mentioned. If you love it, but won't wear it that often, is it automatically a bad idea? I think there's more to clothes than just cost per wear, and fancier dresses tend to be an area where I cannot get the cost per wear down. I have a skirt on my June 2013 rewind post that I LOVED, but didn't wear that much, and I made it be medium, just because I was very happy and felt awesome the times I did wear it. And yeah, I was at Old Navy last week and saw a cute dress and then noticed it was hi-lo and wasn't sure if that's still a thing. I mostly found that the hi was too high anyway. Anyway... I'm glad you are doing the rewind posts, too. I think they are so interesting.

  2. I love reading these posts from you and Andi. I think your good purchases from this month definitely outweigh your medium and bad ones though. I love that striped skirt. I have a similar one and wear it a lot!

  3. Dangggg, you rocked it back in May 2013, girl! I used to have that same black + white striped skirt and wore it allll the time, and I have the same sandals and wear them at least once a week. I'm with you about the navy dress as well - it's so pretty and you look lovely in it, but I often get tripped up about the whole cost-per-wear thing, especially with fancier dresses. I just don't have many (any??) reasons to wear something fancy, but I also love a pretty dress and creating a reason to get dolled up...hmmm. The struggle is real, haha.

  4. Wow, I had never thought about asking yourself if you'd buy those items over again. That's a great way to analyze purchases, at least those you spent over a few dollar on. The striped skirt and black maxis are basic closet staples and great buys. I'm the same way with blazers now. I love how they look--not a fan of the restricted movement and overall uncomfortable-ness of them. As for the dress, a nicer black dress is just a great item to have when you have a more formal occasion and don't know what to wear and also don't want to buy anything. I'd say keep it for that reason alone. From the picture, it looks great on you!


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