Friday, May 1, 2015

Budget Rewind: April 2014


  • Joe Fresh (via JCPenney) skirt: $0 - c/o Mom. Love it. And I love that I almost spent $40 on it but my mom wanted to get it for me because she had some awesome coupons and could get it for much less than I could. I look forward to lunch dates this summer when I can wear it again. (I feel like it's too short to be worn on teaching days.)

Honorable mentions (a.k.a., returns):
  • The Limited polka dot skirt: $23 - As stated last year, "The polka dot skirt wrinkled too easily and was too light." No regrets returning this one. 
  • The Limited navy pencil skirt: $23 - In theory, a navy pencil skirt would be perfect for my closet. In reality, that might be the case, but that pencil skirt would not come from The Limited. It has taken me years to learn, but The Limited does not design pencil skirts for my body type. Additionally, pencil skirts and button downs have been phased out as my teaching uniform and replaced for more casual outfits. Long story short: no regrets returning this one.

These budget rewinds for 2014 have been so easy and so satisfying. Very few regrets, but then again, very few purchases, too. I'm hoping that I can take the lessons learned from doing these budget rewind posts and keep those lessons in mind as I shop this year. 


  1. I've actually never tried Limited pencil skirts! I have a Banana Republic one with some stretch that I love!

  2. Pretty good rewind! Smart of you to return those 2 skirts from Limited.

  3. what a great recap! i love that printed JCF skirt on you and look forward to seeing you wear it again!

  4. I've always loved that JCP skirt of yours--wished I had gotten one myself!
    I feel the same way about pencil skirts. I know they should be a professional staple, but I'm not really comfortable in them, and I don't have one that fits me really well.

  5. This skirt is so wonderful! I really really love it. I have a similar one from H&M and I cant wait to wear it again. Looking forward to see this one on your blog!

  6. I can't wait to see more outfits with that skirt this summer!


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