Saturday, April 4, 2015

denim jacket + black dress

The Create28 prompt for Friday was "spring jackets". I intended to have this post go live on Friday, but forgot to schedule it, and was away from the computer all day. (No fancy phone here.) Luckily enough, today's prompt is "denim" so this post will work just fine :)

My denim jacket is the closest that I get to a spring jacket. I wear it most during the spring, and anything heavier would be too much. In the past few years, we haven't had a spring here that has lasted more than a few weeks anyway, so there's little point in having a spring jacket. But, on a day like when I wore this one (Thursday), I just wanted a comfortable dress and something to throw on top. This denim jacket was that something. Do you have spring jackets? Which one is your favorite?

For the Top Ten Remix Challenge, I decided that my "Kate" necklace was definitely one of the top ten items that best represents me. I mean, what represents a person better than a necklace of the same name?  (I'll try to get together a list of my ten items for tomorrow.)

Denim Jacket: via Target | option
Necklace: gift c/o MIL | option
Dress: Old Navy | similar
Flats: Gap | option, option


  1. You look absolutely adorable in these pictures!

    Roxi -

  2. what a perfect little outfit, kate, i love it! brynn just wore a similar outfit of a dress and denim jacket and i commented how much i loved that look on her, so i think it's time i recreate this look for myself!

  3. You can never go wrong with a jean jacket. I need to wear mine more.

  4. As you know I am following both challenges also but I am behind with posts too. I also chose my denim jacket as my Spring jacket. I plan on posting my 10 items real soon and I also included a necklace in the mix.

    Hope your Easter is great.

  5. This is a reallx cute simple outfit. I actually never owned a denim jacket in my life so far :/
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your friends and family!

  6. A denim dress is pretty much perfect for a spring jacket challenge. I only wear mine in the spring too. The necklace works well with the black dress too. It almost looks like it's sewn in with it.

  7. Gorgeous dress! It really does not need much help but it looks so pretty with the denim jacket and your necklace :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  8. Such a cute look! I may have to give this one a try with one of my black dresses. Love that necklace

  9. That is such a nice look. I really like the flats. Nice blog by the way.

    Diary of Elegance

  10. This is such a great look! I got a dress pretty similar to this recently and I'm figuring out more ways to style it once it gets warmer out and I will definitely be recreating this look!

  11. Sometimes the classics/basics can make for the most chic outfits. That's how I feel about this outfit! Sometimes I forget this when I'm focusing so much on "interesting" pieces.

  12. I LOVE a dress with a denim jacket - win win win!! And that picture of you with the crinkly nose? Adorable.

  13. demin has a brand name in market and people likes to wear their jackets. womens leather jacket


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