Monday, March 2, 2015

Budget Rewind: February 2013

I did a terrible job keeping track of my purchases in February 2013. And I did a terrible job of shopping in February 2013.


  • The Limited striped maxi skirt: $20 - While in theory this skirt should get worn a lot, it doesn't. I constantly reach for it during spring and summer weekends, but usually end up tossing it aside because I can't figure out what top to wear with it. That, or I just pair it with the same white v-neck tee. Plus, it's too heavy for the 90+ degree summers I have to deal with.

  • The Limited sequin cardigan: $?? - I remember loving the way it looked on me in store, but not having as much flexibility with it as I thought I would have. If you have any styling ideas, please let me know!
  • Old Navy floral shirt: $10 - I think I saw a similar version at J. Crew and thinking I had to have a floral shirt. The more that time goes by, the more I realize that I'm not a floral print kind of person, except in small doses. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see I've worn it almost ten times on the blog. This one might get one more try before it makes its way to the donation pile.
  • Forever 21 ikat dress: $?? - I swear this dress has gotten shorter as time has passed. I don't feel comfortable wearing something that short anymore, even when paired with tights. Off to consignment it goes?
  • (not pictured) Forever 21 rings and bracelets: $?? - I didn't write anything other than "rings" and "bracelets" in my spreadsheet so I'm not sure what this refers to. Judging how little I wear my rings and bracelets from Forever 21, it's easy to see these were bad purchases.

I was dreading recapping this month. 4 of 5 purchases were bad?! That's just terrible. I honestly can't even say what I was thinking. The silver lining of this recap is that I never even considered getting rid of any of these items, but now I'm comfortable getting rid of some of them (at least the dress and the shirt).


  1. Well, at least you were honest about the good and bad in your budget last month!

  2. Eh, we all have months like that. At least you didn't pay too much for any of the pieces!

  3. I think the dress is really cute...but I can understand if you dont want to wear it since its getting shorter. I cant wait for my first budget rewind one year from now ;)

  4. Yeah, I'm sure I will have rewind months like this. But like you said, it made you get rid of a few things that were taking up space, and maybe (hopefully) it will help you make wiser choices in the future. At least, that's what I'm hoping these posts will do!

  5. I have bad month like that. Maybe the maxi skirt you could turn it in to a short skirt.

    P.S. My blog has moved to

  6. I love that skirt! I actually bought a very lightweight skirt similar to that. I have lots of plain colored tops I could wear with it like purple, neon, and a few graphic ones. For the cardigan I think it would be pretty with purple, pink, blue, mint, black, white, really any color button up or tee underneath it. The sequins on it are really cute!

  7. That's so true about maxi skirts--it really doesn't make sense when companies make them out of that real heavy jersey. It's gotta breathe, people.

  8. too bad that dress is getting too short as i think it's a great print! does it have a hem you can let out a little bit?


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