Thursday, January 15, 2015

best purchases of 2014

Now that you've seen my favorite outfits of 2014 (here and here), it's time to share my favorite purchases of 2014. Including gifts, I added 45 items to my closet this past year. Of those, 5 really stand out as the best purchases. This is mostly determined by a cost-per-wear ratio with consideration of feeling when I wear that purchase.

black sweater {via Old Navy}
The best $11 I may have spent all year. Had I known that I'd end up wearing this sweater half as much as I do, I would have bought one in every color. Or at least kept the one I bought (but then returned) in navy. Darn me and my stinginess. 

a-line skirt {via The Limited}
In 2014, I learned that a-line skirts suit me better than pencil skirts (unless they're ponte). This one is now one of my favorite skirts for work.

 tunic sweater {via LOFT}
This was a case of love at first sight. I didn't buy it right away, but my patience paid off with a 50% sale. I really can't say enough great things about this tunic sweater.

safari earring set {via Forever 21}
Long story short: The best $3 I spent in 2014. Although I've managed to go without getting a detailed shot of these on, I wear them whenever I don't know what else to wear.

Birkenstocks {via DSW}
When I wasn't wearing fancy sandals in the summer, these Birkenstocks were my go-to. Whether it was to take the dogs out, or a trip to the grocery store, or spending a day at the zoo, these were perfect. These are definitely my best purchase of the 2014.

What were your best purchases of 2014?


  1. This is a fun idea for a post! I keep thinking I should do something like a budget rewind post, where I look at how I spent my money last year in a given month, and what was smart and what I regret. But this is an easy quick way to sum up the year. Are you going to share your worst purchases, too? :-)

  2. the concept of this post is great. I'm sitting here trying to think what my most worn purchases were besides those fantastic tank dresses I got from J.Crew this summer and the Target striped tee dress. I'm drawing a blank! I definitely remember your tunic showing up pretty regularly. I think I finally get Loft. Having not purchased anything from there in years, I now own three Lou and Grey pieces. Hello appropriate pj like items for work!

  3. I definitely agree that all of these were great purchases. I particularly love that skirt from The Limited--I can imagine that it has been and will continue to be a very versatile piece!

  4. Fun items, I like that they are all so different purchases. I shop way too much and don't think I can narrow down any favorite purchases.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  5. I like the idea of taking a look back at purchases for the year! I know that you inspired me to try out more a-line skirts, and I really do like them better!

  6. I really like this idea of looking back at your purchases over the year to figure out which were the best ones. It can help you move forward with what to buy the next year! Your Loft sweater is my favorite of these! It's adorable on you!

  7. I love all of these items! I'm going to have to pay attention to all of my purchases in 2015 and do this same thing. I really like how you've thought this out!

  8. A black sweater is a must in every women closet. My cargo vest was one of my best purchase in 2014

  9. Gosh only buying 45 items in 2014 is amazing! I'd like to make that goal instead of the way too many to count running total now... You did add some great items to your wardrobe this year! I'm still looking for a classic crewneck sweater in both black and navy. I'm sure they'd be worn a ton!

  10. Yessss, a-line skirts for the win! I have gotten rid of all my pencil skirts because they just don't look great on me...a-line skirts have certainly made their home in my closet, though! I love all the things you bought this month, by the way. Those earrings are so much fun! I enjoyed reading this post and seeing which items were your favorites of 2014. I may need to start paying more attention to those kinds of things as certainly would help me realize what kinds of things are the best additions to my closet and guide my shopping (once my shopping freeze is lifted in the spring/summer)...


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