Friday, December 5, 2014

what to wear: Christmas parade

Misty and I are back for part two of our What to Wear series (see part one here). This time, we're focusing on what to wear for a Christmas parade, or any other festive outing.

I'll be wearing my most festive winter wear: my red coat and white accessories. (I looked up and down and all around, but couldn't find the white pashmina I always wear with my red coat, so I opted for a plaid alternative.) Swing by Misty's blog Balancing a Hectic World to see the details of her outfit!

Hat: Aldo | option
Coat: The Limited | option
Scarf: via Target
Gloves: via Target | similar
Pants: The Limited

My tips? Festive colors. (red & white) Warmth. (hat, scarf, & fliptop gloves) Comfort. (Stretchy pants & low/no-heel boots)

What will you be wearing for your Christmas parades and other festive outings?

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  1. Perfect parade outfit! That red coat is fabulous. The gold buttons on it just make it for me. I have a red coat and every time I wear it I feel like I'm channeling "red coat" on Pretty Little Liars. :)

  2. I adore this coat! It's perfectly festive!!!

  3. Perfect outfit for a Christmas outfit. I just plan on going to some Christmas markets

  4. I think the plaid scarf looks great with the red's a really festive look!

  5. I think the plaid scarf makes it MORE festive! I love this look! If only I had a red coat to wear with mine! I do have a redish vest, though. I see a recreation in my future!

  6. I am actually going to watch a parade tomorrow. No joke! You, my dear, have impeccable timing! I love this festive look, especially that adorable coat!

  7. This is such a cute outdoor outfit!I love it all!! We are going to an outdoor holiday village next weekend so I've been checking the weather and figuring out what to wear. You've definitely given me some inspiration!

  8. This is the prettiest coat, and absolutely perfect for holiday activities! And it looks great with the plaid scarf!

  9. I love how festive your outfit is!! Perfect for any outdoor holiday event :)
    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  10. First time visitor, stopping by from Trend Spin link-up and I'm sooo glad I found you! I can tell already I am going to find LOTS of style inspiration from you! I feel like this is the perfect classic winter look. That red coat is such a great pop of color, especially paired with the scarf. AND those mittens!! I love those mittens! So cute! Happy to announce you have a brand new follower! I look forward to all of your future inspiration! ;)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  11. Oooo, I like your red coat with the gold buttons. One of my favorite coats is my red coat with toggle buttons. It makes me feel like Paddington Bear, which I am sure you can appreciate. And you are wearing mittens? How fun!

  12. That beautiful red coat! I'm in love!! You look beautiful and festive!

    xo Robin


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