Friday, August 29, 2014

remixing a dress

To remix a dress, you do not need to go so far as to wear a skirt over it and pretend it's a top, or throw a top on over and make the dress look like a skirt. I'm not knocking these methods- they just don't work for me. And since they don't work for me, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume these methods don't work for others, either. So how can you wear the same dress without making it look like you're an outfit repeater? It's all about the accessories, baby. I guarantee you that if Lizzie McGuire had a touch of ice under her cap and gown, the only thing Kate Sanders would have been calling Lizzie out for would have been her mad bling.

But seriously. When it's too hot to make an old dress look new by wearing a cardigan or blazer, don't forget: a little bit of jewelry goes a long way.

(And don't forget that a bun always looks better in person than it does in photos. Or at least I'd like to believe that is true.)

Striped Ponte Dress: The Limited | option
Necklace: via Amazon | nearly identical - under $10!
Ona Scrunch Flats: via Target | exact

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  1. I totally agree with you! And especially with colored jewelry you can change the look very easily. I've worn a dress as a skirt with a sweater over it a few times in the winter, but it only works with certain dresses and certain sweaters. But I've never been able to make the skirt over a dress thing work for me either.

  2. Jewelry can change an outfit so much. I also use cardigan to change a outfit up.

  3. I love this dress on you, especially with the bold necklace! And I totally agree with your bun theory. :)

    xo Always, Abby

  4. Hahaha we think alike! As soon as you said "outfit repeater" my mind went straight to Lizzie Mcguire. When I'm wearing an outfit I plan on taking pictures of, I try to make sure I haven't worn something too similar before. In the summer, it's too hot to layer over any dresses so I worry about that too! Different shoes and accessories are a great idea to make a dress look different, especially such a large colorful necklace like that!

  5. Accessories really go a long way, especially colored accessories and neutral clothes. And you are right, remixing dresses as tops or skirts just doesn't work all that well. That's why people don't do it that often. That dress is stunning on you! I am glad you found a way to remix it in a different way!

  6. Yes! I loved your Lizzie McGuire reference--such a good show back in the day.
    I really like the pop of green in this look. I've actually been on the hunt for a green necklace, as it's the only color I don't seem to own in my jewelry wardrobe.

    1. wow! I think I'm missing one in black, white, orange, ... it seems like you can find a necklace in every color of the rainbow on Amazon and Forever 21!

  7. I od love how accessories do make a change to an outfit. My denim jacket and converse are my way key ways to change a look from work to causal.


  8. YES! Buns DO look better in person (much to my chagrin since it is a pretty regular style for me). Haha. And I agree! I've only successfully put a shirt over a dress once and it still wasn't my favorite look. I oftentimes think that it just looks like a shirt over a dress...not a well put-together outfit.

  9. This dress is so cool and I love how you paired it with the necklace!

  10. I love the classic look of the dress and how you paired with a bold necklace! Accessories always make or break a look for me.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  11. Such a great dress, Kate. Seriously, so pretty! I'm with you - neither of those dress remixing methods have worked for me yet... Accessories do plenty for changing up a look!

  12. Yeah, the whole dress layering tricks don't really work for me. I think it usually ends up looking awkward on me. I have no idea how some people manage it! I'm 100% onboard with accessory remixing, especially in the summer!

  13. Slow clap for the Lizzie McGuire reference! I miss that show a little too much for a 26-year-old, I think...


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