Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Budget

I spent less time researching this month, and more time online shopping. Whoops. Blame it on the birthday cash. And all those amazing sales.

1. J. Crew Factory pleated ponte dress: originally $90, on sale $40
2. J. Crew Factory lightweight long printed scarf: originally $40, on sale $10 [EDIT: RETURNED]
3. J. Crew Factory ribbed cotton tank: originally $17, on sale $5
4. Gap painterly floral scarf: [seen here] originally $30, on sale $9
5. J. Crew Factory jeweled brooch bracelet: originally $40, on sale $9
6. J. Crew Factory thorn and crystal necklace: originally $37, on sale $10

= $83 $73 (or $0 out of pocket c/o birthday money)

I checked off one item from my wishlist with the purchase of the blue dress. I'm so excited about it. Even though I don't need more accessories, I do enjoy a new piece or two every now and then. 

There are currently a few pairs of jeans in the mail, including this pair and this pair. I tried them on in store last fall and loved them, but ended up returning them because the regulars were too long, and the shorts were too short, and I was too lazy and cheap to have them hemmed. I'm rethinking that decision now. But I'm also wondering if I should wait until fall rolls around when there will be a great selection of jeans-- especially because it seems that bootcut jeans are making their way back into the limelight! 

There were some misses this month, too. The hunt for the perfect gray tee continues. This one was too tight (even when I sized up). I adore(d) this tee, but the "hand wash only" turned me off. I guess I should read the fine print before putting my order in and getting my hopes up. I also loved the way this top looked on me, but didn't see myself wearing it that much in the future.

I'm really considering spending some more of my birthday money on a pair of Birkenstocks. During my sophomore year of undergrad, I spent birthday money on a pair of Birkenstock clogs. I wore them nearly every day, until spring rolled around and I swapped them for my Adidas slides. The new found interest in Birks comes because of recent foot/arch issues... probably from wearing flat Target sandals with no arch support all summer long. I just can't decide between these or these. I have a soft spot for the latter pair because my Mom has been wearing them as house shoes since I can remember, but the former pair seems like it would actually go with my typical summer outfits. Thoughts?

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  1. I've had my Birkenstock Arizonas (in cocoa nubuck) since college, and I still wear them a few times a week. They're in great shape, really comfortable, and are perfect for long walks.


  2. Ooh, I really like those mayaris! I am not a fan of the traditional 2-strap birks, but they seem to be getting popular again! I remember when I was in 6ht grade, my sister bought a pair (with her own money, because she was a teenager with a job!) and I thought she was the coolest person ever, so I wanted some, but they were way too expensive for my parents to buy since I was still growing. Anyway, I got to borrow them once - or I should say, I got to borrow one of them. When I broke my ankle, and was on crutches, I was just wearing tennis shoes all the time. But then we had to attend a wedding, and I couldn't wear any of my normal dress shoes. So I borrowed one birkenstock from my sister, and I felt so cool. Except for the crutches, and you know, the general uncoolness of 6th grade.

    Wow, that really turned into a long story. What I meant to say was "you got some really cute stuff! I also need new jeans, but am waiting until the fall, mostly because I hope I'm a different size in 3 months."

  3. I really like the Mayari Flat. also yay for birthday money

  4. You got a really great deal on that jewelry. It's nice to get a few new pieces to refresh your jewelry box once in a while. I hope those jeans you have in the mail work out!

  5. Isn't birthday money the best!? I love the dress and the bracelet...so pretty!

  6. WOOHOO for birthday money! Looks like you have what you want for your birthday! I love the Jcrew dress! It's really pretty

  7. I have the same dress! The sales were so good this month...almost too good, if you ask me. (My bank account is sobbing.)

    xo Kimi

  8. Love the jewelry you got this month! I'm the same way, I don't really ever NEED more necklaces, but they are nice to pick up every now and then. Woot for birthday money!

  9. Ok since you're searching for the perfect grey tee, where do you buy your tees typically? Do you have a brand you like? I am having SUCH a hard time finding good quality t-shirts that fit the way I want them too. I'm finding that the ones on the more slouchy side (which I prefer) are way too thin but the thick ones are too fitted or look more like old lady shirts.

    That blue dress is just so pretty and it will go so nicely with your new scarf :)

    I've never been a fan of the Birkenstocks, regardless of them being in style right now. Although, they look insanely comfy so if I ever tried on a pair, I may change my mind :)

  10. You got some great stuff! I always buy a little more in July than normal - the sales are awesome and I have birthday money too! I love having a summer birthday! I really love the blue dress - it will be so versatile and perfect for so many different occasions.

  11. Ughhh, I just wrote you a nice, long comment and it disappeared.

    Basically, I was telling you that I love the Mayari Birks a lot. I don't understand all the hate for Birks right now, nor do I understand how people are all, "OMG BIRKENSTOCKS ARE SO POPULAR/TRENDY!!" because, at least in my experience, they've never NOT been around...I've been wearing them for years and always see people wearing them. Also, I adore your new blue dress - what a great color on you, and it fits in with so much in your closet!! :)

  12. ahh I love J Crew factory stuff, I wish there was one in Canada!! and yeaah birthday money goes very quick for me too, haha


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