Thursday, June 5, 2014


This is what a day at the library looks like. G-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s. Glamorous, glamorous. (The flossy, flossy)

If you're growing weary of my casual summer looks and want to relive some of my more polished work looks, head on over to Basic Training, Corporate Style. I'm in the Oh-So Sophisticated Style Spotlight today! 

After an unproductive spring semester, I'm taking control of the situation and making this summer what I want it to be. I've put exercise back in my daily routine, alternating between running and swimming laps. Now hopefully I'll have more stamina for my weekend soccer games. (Even if I don't, there's a silver lining: my shin guard tan lines are coming along nicely.) I've put dissertation research back in my daily routine as well. I threw this outfit on, grabbed my books, and went to the library. It was a productive session, so I'm taking pride in that for the moment. Hopefully the rest of the summer follows the same tune. g-l-a-m...

Short-sleeve Cardigan: The Limited (gifted) | similar
Scoop Neck Tee: The Limited | similar
Shorts: LOFT | similar
Flip-flops: Old Navy | exact


  1. Such a fun and playful post!! Those bright shorts, singing a Fergie song, wearing sandals. Take me into your life for a day (minus the library part) please!

  2. I really like the color of the shorts for Summer! Disseration research is supposed to be on my scedule as weel but does not work really well these days, next to my work and other projects...
    good luck for you!

  3. Loved that spotlight post on you! As I'm coming up on my summer break, I'm trying to make sure I stay productive. You are making good use of your time each day!

  4. Good job at staying productive! I'm pretty sure that if I had the summer off, I'd just be as lazy as possible, and then in August, I'd be like 'oh crap, I haven't done anything for 3 months!"

  5. I always say I will be productive then most of the stuff doesn't happen. Love those shorts! They really look nice with gray!

  6. I am glad, you share the love for bright green shorts, like myself and many other favorite bloggers I follow. And girl you are so dedicated to your exercise.

    P.S. Heading over to see your feature now. Congrats.

    P.P.S. Stop by when you have a second. Miss your pretty face in my parts of the web. =D

  7. Good luck with all of your major life goals. Getting fitness into a major part of your life is critical -- and I'm feeling that same thing right now in my life!

  8. Hey we can't be all dressed up everyday, especially when just spending the day in the library! Colorful shorts are super fun and I'm loving that cardigan.

  9. Thanks so much for doing the feature with me! It was great, and I especially loved your comments about advice for the new college grad. You couldn't be more spot on!

  10. First of all, I really liked that guest post - your philosophy to getting dressed for work is great, and I liked your advice to recent graduates as well :) I think your plan for the summer sounds great! Since both Kevin and I are "off" this summer, it feels great to have a plan for what we want to accomplish so we don't waste the days away!


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