Tuesday, June 17, 2014

dress week :: lace dress

It's Day 2 of Dress Week (co-hosted by Andi and Heidi) and here I am with my white lace dress. I don't know what to say about this outfit. I wanted to wear my lace dress. I knew we would be in some air conditioning, so I threw on the cardigan. It looked odd unbuttoned. It looked odd entirely buttoned up. Solution? Partially buttoning the cardigan, and adding a belt. (Also slightly tucking the edges under because the cardigan has a deep scoop neck.) I'm pleased with how this outfit turned out. Do you have a lace dress? How do you style it?

(Please ignore the awkward hair standing on end and look at the pretty dress instead!)

Dress: Forever 21 | more options below!
Cardigan: The Limited | option
Belt: The Limited | cool option
Sandals: via Target | exact

lace dress options, all under $50!


  1. The blue cardigan looks really nice with the lace! I have a lace dress I really should wear more often!

  2. I've always wanted a lace dress! They're absolutely stunning! And you styled this beautifully :)

    dance a real

  3. That lace dress looks very pretty on you, I like that you paired it with that blue cardigan) Such a feminine, chic outfit turned out!
    have a great day, dear)

  4. I do not have a lace dress, but I really want one! I have a gift card to Kohl's so I'm tempted to see if that LC dress is long enough. Hmm, I might have to run by on my way home from work.

  5. Okay, all of these people with Forever 21 dresses of an appropriate length, take me shopping. Everything makes me feel like a hooch. Okay, I should take that back. I'm actually too overwhelmed by that store to shop there. So many things. Too many sections. Makes me want to harm myself. Anyway, I so love blue and white together. Such a happy, fresh color combo.

  6. HA, I didn't even know you had a crazy hair sticking up until you mentioned it. I doubt anyone else would have noticed ;)

    I thrifted a white lace dress a few months ago but I'd like a more conservative one I could possibly wear to work or dressier functions. I LOVE that JCP one you linked but they only have a sz 16 left. Boo. The way you styled yours is gorgeous! I like the belted cardi look.

  7. My eyes are too old because I didn't see any crazy hair...just the cute dress. I own a couple of lace dresses in different colors. ...I guess I love them. :)


  8. What a pretty white dress! I own one white dress and it's eyelet but I've always wanted a lace one. Zara had one that was completely gorgeous but as is so often the case, it was entirely too much!

  9. This is gorgeous. I always hesitate to buy white dresses because I'm worried that I'll get them filthy...but I guess if it is solid white I can always bleach it, so my reasons are silly. Really pretty way to style it, too!

  10. I actually do not have a lace dress but I have been looking for one! This one is very pretty. I always think I want a colored lace dress but then think they can look cheap and poorly made. Maybe white is the way to go, because yours looks great!

  11. Oh yes I do own a White lace dress and I own that same cardigan in a greenish teal and black. You look lovely as usual. Wish I knew sooner about dress week. =)

  12. Ooh, I really like the white and blue combination here - it's so springy/summery, and the white belt is the perfect touch! I used to have 5 lace dresses (ridiculous), but I outgrew a couple, realized that some were far too short for comfort, and snagged another one, so I don't have one anymore. I do, however, have a navy jersey dress with a lace yoke and lace sleeves...so, does that count?? Haha.


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