Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pinspired: open knit top

It's not often that I get stumped on how to style a particular item. There are probably two exceptions in my closet, and this open stitch knit top is one of them. I've done the obvious by pairing it with cropped jeans (here) and also worn it over a maxi dress (here)... and that's it. I'm always looking for new ways to wear it, so when I saw this outfit on Gap's website, I decided to give it a shot. I passed on the button up shirt since it was 80 degrees outside.

I'm not sure my recreation worked. (The cami is so distracting, for starters, but maybe a tank with wider straps would have resolved that issue?) How would you style this top?

Open Knit Top: (gifted) The Limited
Skirt: Old Navy | same style

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  1. Hmm, I think I would be stumped by this top as well - I like the color of it a lot, but I think it would be really tricky to style! Maybe part of it is the length? The Gap one looks quite a bit shorter, which might help it from looking too overwhelming? I used to have a top like this as well, but it was shorter so I was able to wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. without it looking too baggy or oversized. Hmm, it's tricky though!!

  2. Have you tried it with a cami in a similar color? Then the cami might not stand out so much. I always struggle with tops that are kind of sheer, because I like to have my undershirt tucked in, but then the pattern of the skirt shows through awkwardly. It's tricky.

  3. great recreating. I have no idea on how to style the stop.

  4. I love the top with the skirt, but maybe a tank top, sleeveless top, or a nude colored top would be better. The cami isn't bad, but the different necklines of the tops are noticeable. I think when it is cooler, it would still be cute with a button up underneath!

  5. Don't be hard on yourself. You styled it really well. I think it would look great over a sleeveless dress like a sheath, either a Black or White/Cream one. Try it with your Black Sleeveless Sheath. I promise it will work. I own a similar sweater from The Limited that hasn't been worn in ages and is in the States.

    Your legs always look great in a skirt. I am all about skirts lately. See the last two posts. =))

  6. Hmm yeah I think I'd be stumped too (though I really like the ways you've worn it so far, especially with the maxi dress!) I would probably try it with a tank under it that doesn't stand out so much, like nude or a muted pink or something? Or maybe a short sleeve top with similar neckline?

  7. You look adorable, I think it looks cute. Maybe try what Laura, and Inge said. That sounds great too! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  8. It's a really cute outfit, but I see what you mean. I also love tops like that one and then run into the same uncertainty when it comes to styling. I'd try it with a pair of boyfriend jeans, and half tuck in the front, with a belt. I feel like that always works.

    With this skirt, I think the issue may be that it's too long for the skirt, so maybe next time, can you tuck it in a bit more?

    Honestly...not sure, but it's just such a darn cute sweater!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. I have a very similar sweater in my Goodwill pile that I only wore once because I couldn't figure out how to wear it. I just wore a cami of a similar color underneath with rolled jeans and Keds. I didn't really like how it looked on me though :/

    Maybe try belting it in the waist? Maybe a cami or tank top underneath with the cami and sweater untucked but a belted waist? I think the cami you're wearing is a bit bright but maybe a nude or pinkish one would work better. I hope that helps!
    Exploring My Style

  10. i always love these type of open stitch sweater but like you struggle with what to wear underneath. I've paired mine with a contrasting color, a nude or matching color underneath mine. I don't think it's look bad with the skinny straps at all.


  11. I really like how to get your inspiration from pinterst. Somehow I never got into this whole pinterest thing but it seems to work so well for you- at least you always look very stylish :)


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