Thursday, May 15, 2014

coral and olive with a twist

Sometimes I'll wear two different colors next to one another, unsure as to whether they actually go together (e.g., plum and teal). Other times, I'm convinced that two colors were meant to be worn together (e.g., red and blue). Coral and olive were made for one another.

I like the way this outfit turned out, and not just for the coral and olive. I also like that I found a way to debut my new flats! I was on the fence about them, until I had a change in perspective. Not every pair of shoes has to be one that you can wear every day, or walk six miles in at a time. I've slowly begun to think that shoes don't need to be seen as a matter of practicality, but rather as a piece of interest. Do you only purchase shoes to fulfill a particular function, or do you see them as accessories? 

Vest: Old Navy | similar
Scarf: The Limited | option
Sweater: The Limited | option
Jeans: The Limited | similar
Flats: BC via Nordstrom Rack | same


  1. Super cute outfit! Love the colors your used!

    I just posted! Come visit me sometime<3


  2. Yesssss. Coral + Olive are so perfect together! You can tell how much you love this outfit in your smile. I love it too :)

  3. I also happen to love coral and olive together! Your scarf is the perfect accessory for this outfit (as it is for so many others--love that scarf so much!).

  4. Looks good! I definitely see shoes as statement/accessory items, which is probably why I have so many freaking pairs of shoes!

  5. Ahh I typed a comment on here a few hours ago but lost internet connection before it could save I see. I LOVE this combo! I pinned your outfit for future reference because I'm loving it so much.

    We are very different when it comes to shoes. If a pair hurts me, they go back to the store. I have no patience for shoes that hurt. Sure, some hurt after a few hours of walking or standing but for the most part, I try to just get comfy pairs, otherwise, I won't wear them!
    Exploring My Style

  6. cute outfit. I buy shoe as an accessories

  7. The flats look great! I think they look awesome with this outfit - see they go with anything!

    Coral and olive are great together. I have never tried the two, but now I want to because this outfit is so great!

  8. Your new shoes are perfect with this outfit! I love the coral and olive together! And I tend to think of shoes both ways. They can be great accessories, or more practical.

  9. You are right, coral and olive are a lovely match! You look fabulous and I love your new flats. :)

    xo Always, Abby

  10. You look so cute, these colors look so great together you're a doll! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  11. I LOVE this photo of you, Kate - your outfit is perfect, but most importantly, you look confident and happy and beautiful! :) I, too, love coral and olive together, but it took me some convincing to try the combination out myself! As for shoes, I wish I could agree with you that sometimes they can just be fun pieces. I have zero patience for uncomfortable shoes! I have kept around "cute" shoes for long periods of time simply because they are cute, but I never wear them because I know they hurt my I've decided to embrace my boring, comfortable flats and boots and ditch the ones that hurt/I never wear :)

  12. I love the new flats! They're different, and look comfortable, too.

    The outfit itself is really cute. I love the pink and the olive together. I feel like the vest is pretty much a neutral, so anything goes!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  13. I love love love this! Coral and olive go together so nicely. I think I'm gonna have to copy this one! I love your new shoes, it's fun to have a few pair of shoes that are just for adding some fun to your look!

  14. Love the olive green and coral combo! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie

  15. I agree: Coral+Olive = Meant to Be!! (Ahh, I am a little poet!) Seriously love the scarf and shoes. I definitely have my comfy shoes and some that are more like art pieces and definitely make a statement!!

  16. Ohhh, what GREAT new flats! I definitely agree with you about your new shoe theory. Most of mine are cute yet comfy and functional...but it never hurts to have a few pairs of fun shoes in there! Also, I wouldn't have thought to put coral and olive together...but the combo is perfect!!

  17. Love this outfit! Coral and olive were totally meant to for what you said about shoes-I think they can be more geared toward being accessories. Cute flats!

    Xo, Kelsey

  18. i love the idea of shoes making a statement just as much as a bold piece of jewelry or a scarf or another accessory. i buy many shoes for that reason! i think this pair is just adorable, i love that it's kind of a flat/sandal hybrid. and the coral & olive is indeed a great color combination. i just bought a pair of olive pants and i think i will definitely need to wear my coral tee with them sometime soon with a coordinating scarf. thanks for the inspiration!


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