Thursday, May 8, 2014

floral dress + geranium cardigan

It's not often that my female colleague and I get together during the semester. Our schedules rarely line up, and we're generally just all so busy. But we made it happen. I chose to wear my floral dress from The Limited. I splurged on it when I bought it in 2011, but it has been a go-to for so many occasions. 

I've realized in preparations for my closet purge that I would much rather have a closet full of go-to pieces that I wear over and over again rather than a hodgepodge of odds and ends. What do you find yourself reaching for when you get together with friends or co-workers?

Dress: The Limited
Cardigan: The Limited
Belt: came with Target skirt
Sandals: Mix No. 6 via DSW


  1. I don't remember seeing this dress before! It's so pretty! I agree about the closet stuff. I think it's hard when our closets are full of things that are "almost" right, because we've already spent the money, so even if it is a dress I can only wear with tights, because it's too short otherwise, I don't want to get rid of it just yet. But that dress is taking up space in my closet and in my brain and I can only wear it half the year? That's not really a good plan!

  2. What a pretty dress - I love it when you have a piece that you love and can always depend on it. I was wearing a top today that I bought awhile back and have never loved it and I was wondering why I kept it. After today's wear, I know it will go into the sell pile.


  3. When getting together with girlfriends, depending on where we are going or what we are doing I either wear a Dress or Skinny Jeans with a Pretty Blouse and Heels.

    Your dress is so pretty, Is it silk?

  4. Your dress is SO pretty! I really love this whole look! I have been on the look out for some more fun, summer dresses like this!

  5. Wow, that dress is so pretty - it looks so shiny and silky. I bet it feels amazing on!! :) When I go out with friends, I usually just wear jeans and a nice top or a dress - nothing too crazy :)

  6. I can definitely see how this dress is a go to item! It such a great print and looks amazing on you!

  7. I started laughing when I got to your part about "it has been a go-to for many occasions" because you forgot to add the word "simply" in there.

    It's a super cute dress because I love florals, and the color of the cardigan is perfect! :)

  8. Did you get your hair cut? It looks super cute, as does your whole outfit!

    1. I did cut my hair! Thanks for noticing :)

  9. You look great. My go to items are jeans and a cardigan

  10. This dress is so cute on you! I can see why it's a go-to!

  11. This dress is adorable - and I LOVE your haircut!!! Thanks for linking up this month :)


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