Friday, April 18, 2014

pantone challenge :: freesia

Today is the fifth and final day of Heidi and Marissa's Spring Pantone-Inspired Color Challenge. The color of the day is "freesia". I interpret it as a friendly yellow. It's not in your face. It's perfect for dipping your toes in the yellow water, and it seems to be flattering for any skin tone. Even my fair-skinned friend was wearing this same color today, and it looked great on her.

I recently read an article about how to be the best blogger you can be, and one point of advice was to not publish posts that do not show off your best self. That advice might be better reserved for blogs with thousands of followers. I will publish my outfits, regardless of how much I dislike them. This one is no exception.

Top: The Limited | option
Scarf: The Limited | save, spend
Cardigan: The Limited (gift) | option
Ankle Pants: The Limited | option
Flats: Christian Siriano via Payless | option

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  1. I really like this color yellow! I think using the black and gray to play it down was perfect.

    Sometimes showing off yourself at not your best helps you grow and realize where you can improve yourself, so I'm not sure I completely agree with that advice and would definitely side with you on this.

  2. Interesting blogger tip. I probably fall somewhere in the middle of best self and well, not the best self.

    I just don't have opportunities to take photos of what I wear each day, so technically, I do pick and choose a bit :P

    You always look so stylish though!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  3. I would have to disagree with the article. One thing I love about bloggers is when I can relate to them.If they don't make mistakes and publish them, they almost seem inhuman to me. And I had to laugh out loud with your comment about 'yellow water'!

  4. I am a big fan of yellow but then to look for things in the sunnier side. I think this outfit looks great on you. And I agree with you, I don't show my best outfits on the blog - it's just what I wear. You can't have winners everyday.


  5. Kate I have a newfound love for the color yellow! I only have a few yellow pieces in my closet (including my favorite scarf), but it's a great color to build on! And it really compliments your skin tone! Plus, yellow and leopard is my favorite combo! Regarding publishing posts that are your best...I agree with you...that's a tough one. I usually do 1 or 2 outfit posts a week because it's really hard (and $$$) to keep up. Also, sometimes outfits we are not crazy about sit really well with you never know. I feel like we are all really critical and picky, so we just have to bite the bullet and post because it's real life and not every outfit is going to be perfect. Anyways, sorry for blabbing on. Have a great weekend girl!

    1. P.S. Please excuse the grammatical errors and sentences that don't make sense. =)

  6. I really like the yellow and grey together. I also publish my bad outfit. Have a great weekend.

  7. love this look, kate! i struggle with how to wear short-sleeved sweaters or cardigans but you pulled it off effortlessly here. and if i only posted pictures that only showed my best self, i wouldn't have a blog - ha! i can always find something to look at a different way with my outfits, especially when i receive constructive comments or feedback from others. i think that's the whole point of blogging!

  8. Ohhh I am with you. I definitely post what I wear daily, winners, loosers and pieces that fall in the middle. That's what makes me real and that's me. Maybe I should be a little more choosy. Like right now as you know I am doing a 30 for 30 challenge and I am not happy with all of the outfits but I am keeping up with the challenge and obviously I am posting every single one. The point is for me to grow from this challenge and learn from my mistakes. Plus the weather has been cold and that adds to less inspiration for me.

    I actually like this Outfit. It is simple but interesting. I always adore Gray paired with Yellow. With that said Happy Easter!

  9. pretty nice blog, following :)


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