Wednesday, April 9, 2014

floral week :: floral scarf

Today marks day 3 of floral week, which I am co-hosting with Andi and Brynn. I said yesterday that I like floral prints because they allow for so many different outfit combinations. I should mention that I enjoy theme weeks because I also try to find a way to incorporate otherwise neglected pieces into my outfits (like yesterday's top). 

In other news, I decided to return the two tops I had included in my March budget. I decided that since I barely wear today's blouse as it is, I couldn't justify keeping something so similar. When I made the return, the clearance rack was overflowing with the same blouse (still at the same price). Maybe I'll go back in a month and buy it if/when it's cheaper. But then again, I said the same thing about these pants when they were $10, and I haven't seen a deal like that since.

How are you styling your floral prints? Join the link-up party below!

Top: gift from mom-in-law
Scarf: gift from friend
Pants: J. Crew | similar
Belt: The Limited | option
Wedges: Merona via Target | option


  1. such a pretty scarf. And I'm proud of you for returning those tops that weren't quite perfect!

  2. I really like this look! The pops of different colors are so fun!

  3. Cute wedges. You, Inge and I all had Floral in mind with our Scarves, in our latest posts. =)

  4. I love that your shoes and belt pull out the fun colors of the scarf!

  5. I really like this outfit, Kate. It's a perfect blend of professional and fun with the pink belt and teal wedges. Your scarf has gorgeous colors in it! And I agree with Andi - I'm proud of you for returning those tops!!

  6. I really like how you added the teal shoes. They accent your scarf so well! I have a similar white blouse and never wear it either! I just don't think of it and it isn't very warm. I will have to take a cue from you with this outfit!

  7. love that scarf, kate! it looks great against the light top and dark pants. and i'm glad you made the right decision for you to return those two tops... i'm trying to do the same with things i order online if i decide they just don't have a place in my closet, even though it's hard to let things go.


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