Friday, April 4, 2014

black sweater + striped skirt

On Monday I mentioned that one of my favorite outfit formulas is blazer + top + skirt. My second favorite is sweater + collared shirt + skirt/pants (1, 2, 3). I got this sweater at the end of February, and while I wasn't particular excited about it when I bought it, I'm particularly happy about having it on a day like today. It also made me happy to have an outfit that was really comfortable, and yet looked put together enough for a Friday. This might just become my new casual Friday formula. What do you like to wear on Fridays?

Necklace: via Amazon | same style
Sweater: Old Navy | option
Pink Shirt: Old Navy | option
Skirt: Old Navy | save, spend, splurge
Flats: via Target

[linking up with Tara and Jenny]


  1. Love the color combination of the pink and mint with the black and stripes :)

  2. I'm with Kimmie; I love the color combination. This skirt just looks so great on you. I'm a blazer, blouse, and jeans on a Friday kind of gal. Of course, in that combination, I am dressed up compared to my colleagues. Everyone else uses casual Friday to be SUPER casual, but I just use it to wear jeans in a somewhat fancy way. (I think my brain says "blazer instantly fancifies any look.")

  3. Ooh! Another fabulous color combination! You're making me think I should wear more black to make my accessories pop :)
    Lately I've been going the casual route on Fridays by wearing my olive skinnies.

    1. It wasn't even my intention to make the necklace pop! I didn't even realize I did that twice this week. You definitely should do it :)

  4. Love the pink and mint together! You look really put together, especially for a Friday! Aren't those Old Navy skirts the best?! I wish all my skirts were that comfy and stretchy!

  5. Love how you mixed pink and teal with black and white. Stopping by from link up.
    Katherine @ Upon a Rainbow

  6. Love this outfit. So going to have to recreate it one day.

  7. This is really cute! See? Having a black sweater is definitely nice for easy days like this. Maybe the sweater itself doesn't excite you but it can be worn in some exciting outfits!

  8. i love the pop of color, kate! a button-down underneath a sweater and skirt is probably my favorite outfit combination, too. it always works!

  9. The mint necklace pops so much against the black top you're wearing. I always love a good black top, and this is exactly why. So cute :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  10. What a great outfit, Kate! I love the black, mint, and purpley-pink combination going on here. And now I feel like I need a black sweater.


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