Monday, March 24, 2014

Pinspired: red + blue + scarf

I haven't done a Pinspired look in some time, so I thought I'd make up for it by doing a week of Pinspired looks. Today's look has been inspired by this pin {via Economy of Style}.

(and yes, that is snow)

Scarf: The Limited | $6 option, infinity
Sweater: The Limited | option
Pants: The Limited | option
Wedges: Dexter via Payless | option

On an unrelated note, this weekend I went with a friend to a consignment shop I hadn't yet been to. I haven't had much motivation to go there because the parking situation is disastrous, and I had heard that they are really picky. Nonetheless, we went, and I was able to sell five items! (The exclamation mark is necessary, as I've had zero luck selling up until now.) We ended up going to another consignment shop, and I was able to sell three more things. Granted, I brought in a bag full, but it was such a liberating experience. I've been able to rid myself of some pieces I disliked and regretted purchasing. I know it was irrational, but prior to this point, I had seen my closet as a collection of mistakes. I feel so much better about my closet. Have you had a similar experience?

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  1. I have sold a few things to Twice and thredUp before just because it is so much easier than driving to consignment stores. I LOVE that scarf! The colors and texture are so great!

  2. There really aren't even any consignment stores where I live, so the only things I've "sold" have been to thredUp. But it's cool that you were able to! I'm pretty sure that I pinned this outfit from you to style with these same Limited pants!

  3. Yay for selling some items! It is a very refreshing feeling to get rid of some regretted purchases. I've had some luck selling on eBay and ThredUp, but maybe next time I'll try a local consignment place!
    PS love those wedges!

  4. i love this outfit! the primary colors are spot on and i especially love the blues and yellows in the scarf, it helps break up the colors so you don't look like a crayon box. :) not that that's a bad thing sometimes i feel that's how i look! haha! and that's awesome about the consignment shop -- i am waiting for a bag to send some things i've been holding on for too long to thredup. i'm actually really looking forward to letting go of them because like you said, the purchases felt kind of like mistakes but i've been hanging onto them because i didn't want to admit that to myself!

  5. Great outfit! I love the Pinspired posts...but also, you always have great pins to begin with! I know I've re-pinned a few.

    I've never tried selling to consignment, but we don't really have any around that I know of. I usually give away clothes to friends or relatives, but I rarely buy something and get rid of it before it has a lot of love first.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. I haven't tried a consignment store yet - do they give you credit or cash? I am now leaning towards donating because as we are doing our taxes...we owe too much.


    1. They offer both-- generally you'll get more if you accept store credit, but since the whole point for me was to make my closet smaller, I took the cash instead. I wonder if you would have better luck selling through e-bay or online since you have quality items.

  7. I used to sell my clothes to plato's closet. you did an awesome job recreating this look.

  8. yaaaay for actually selling something! that's always excited- i always feel slightly miffed when they pass up on my stuff. i'm like "excuse me but this is cute", haha. And you followed this pin to the tee- you look adorable!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. The consignment shop I like is in an inconvenient location and has really limited hours, so I haven't been in awhile. I actually gave my last bag of "closet cleanout" items to a girl from church and she was so excited for some nice hand-me-downs. So I think I might end up doing that more. It's fun to give clothes to someone to really appreciates them, instead of making $2!

  10. I'm about to try selling a few (by a few, I mean a ton) things via consignment for the first time. Do you have any tips?

  11. How is it still snowing??? :( :( :(

    And yay for consignment shops accepting your clothes! I hate when they reject stuff that I *think* is perfectly fine when their store is filled with all sorts of weird junk they bought from other people, and I get offended when they don't want my things, haha.


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