Tuesday, March 11, 2014

hey, cowgirl

Have you ever put together an outfit without thinking twice about it, only to come home and ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" Enter this outfit. I should have known something was up when I was on my way out the door and my husband said to me, "Hey, Cowgirl." I can't say that I'm terribly bummed out, but it's definitely not one of my better outfits. You win some, you lose some.

It's time for honesty. What do you think of this outfit? What changes would improve it? 

Denim Jacket: via Target [option]
Striped top: The Limited [last seen here]
Necklace: The Limited [option, option
Pleated Skirt: The Limited [option]
Booties: Candie's via Kohl's [option]


  1. I actually like it a lot as is. I wasn't thinking cowgirl, but I guess the booties seal the deal. Maybe you'd feel more comfortable with the look if you were wearing flats or wedges? Perhaps, add a pop of color in the shoes? If you either swap out the jacket for a cardigan or the booties for wedges/flats, you'd solve your cowgirl dilemma.

    1. Well, basically I was going to say the same things as Danielle! I really, really like this outfit, actually, as well. I think the booties are what make it a little more cowgirly...I love the idea of flats or wedges, or even some color in your footwear :)

  2. I wonder if just switching out the boots for some pumps would help tone down the cowgirl vibe. I love that skirt and I think it looks really cute with the striped tee and denim jacket.

  3. This outfit is so fun! I love this!

  4. It's cute, but I think a bold colored flat would be great!

  5. I probably wouldn't have thought "cowgirl" if you hadn't pointed it out, to be honest. But if you're looking for a way to change it, I might choose either the denim jacket or the boots to tone down the subtle Western vibe.
    Love those booties!

  6. I think this a lot, but I wouldn't change a think about this look. I didn't think "cowgirl," but I did think "spring" when I saw the post.

    There's just a small window to wear a skirt, bare legs and booties...so embrace it!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  7. I didn't see the cowgirl in the outfit until the boots. Like what others have said, the outfit is great. Just switch out the shoes to down play the cowgirl look if you want.


  8. I actually love this! But I agree with others—if you want to tone down the cowgirl, switch the boots to flats or wedges (love the idea of a color pop), or wear a different jacket. I think these colors are great, though, and so is the necklace!

  9. This is repetitive with all the above comments, but you do look cute! And you could always switch the bootie or jacket out.

  10. I actually really like the outfit! The only thing you could do was maybe wear your shirt untucked so it hit a bit below the jacket? That would make the jacket look less 'cropped' and would give it a different feel? Truthfully though I like the outfit as is!

  11. I actually love cowboy-book-like shoes! I wish I could get a really nice and cool pair of cowboy boots :)
    I host a firmoo giveaway on my blog, come along if you like :)

  12. It's funny - I LOVE the top on its own, and I LOVE the bottom half on its own, but I only LIKE the whole thing together. Maybe the denim with the booties is causing me to think it is a bit country? Maybe try it with a cardigan or blazer to see if that fixes it?!

  13. I actually quite like this outfit. Girly, sassy, fun and comfy. Loving these boots. I am being honest, I like it a lot. And you are giving me new ways/inspiration how to wear my new Denim Jacket which I wore for the first time on Tuesday's Post. Check it out and let me know what you think. =)

  14. unfortunately i can see how boots like this give that "cowgirl" impression but it wasn't the first thought i had when i saw these pictures... i actually like the casual vibe the jean jacket and boots give off!

  15. This is an adorable outfit. Perhaps to make it a little less "cowgirl" I'd pair it with a more brightly colored statement necklace and/or a belt.


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