Friday, March 14, 2014

happy pants

I like proctoring exams for several reasons:
1) It gives me an extra two hours to do my own work.
2) No prep necessary!
3) I get to wear much more casual outfits (like this one)

I took advantage of the opportunity to wear a more casual outfit by wearing my happy pants (formerly known as my geometric print pants). They are so incredibly comfortable-- by far my favorite pair of pants right now. And that has little to do with the design. If they really make me so happy, then I should get more of these pants, right? Maybe like these? And maybe I will since J. Crew Factory is having a store-wide 50% off sale this weekend. (Sales also make me happy.) What kinds of things are making you happy lately?

Cardigan: Merona via Target [boyfriend, 3/4 sleeve]
Top: The Limited [last worn]
Pants: J. Crew Factory [exactoption]
Flats: via Target [exact]


  1. Funny you should mention it! I just got home from the outlet mall where some sales made me happy!

  2. I agree! Proctoring tests is amazing. Although I enjoyed it much more when I taught at the university level. I teach high school now and I have to watch those kids like a hawk when I give a test!

  3. Love this look! Pink + black + white is always pretty.
    I am loving our spring weather lately. Winter is finally coming to an end!!

  4. I proctored my first test this school year, and I actually really enjoyed it! We're administering the ACT in a month, and I'm hoping to be able to proctor again. I suppose the practice is good, since I'll be doing a lot of proctoring as a school counselor :) I love this outfit, Kate. Your pink blouse is so cute - I love the coordinating shades of pink, and it looks really striking next to your geometric pants!

  5. I just love those pants! And they look fantastic with pink.I love the darker pink detailing, too! I have been happy all week since I've been on spring break, but not so happy now since I go back on Monday! ;)

  6. Those pants are great! I love printed pants these days!
    My firmoo giveaway is still on until tomorrow. Do you want a $30 gift card :)?
    Lots of love and ENJOY your weekend!

  7. My happy pants and great sales make me happy too. I love my B+W Geometric Pants, too.

  8. Sales make me happy too! I was so happy after hitting up Gap and Banana today and taking advantage of their sales. Banana had 50% off too....with an email code.

    Weekends also make me happy :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. Yes sales make me happy too (but not my pocketbook). I am glad I don't live close to the outlet malls..those sales are dangerous! Happy shopping!


  10. I totally snagged a navy dress from J.Crew Factory yesterday, and it makes me SO happy. It's not hoochie short, it actually has short sleeves, and it makes me feel lovely. Your happy pants make me happy, too. And it IS because of the print. I like the addition of the pink; it ups the happy factor.

  11. Oooh I really like test days! Well I like when there are tests in my classes (standardized state test days are a whole other story.) My dress is the same but I love having less prep and more time for work! Love these pants; you should definitely get more if they make you happy =)

  12. I love these pants so much! They are so fun!


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