Tuesday, March 18, 2014

green week :: green vest

I promise none of these clothes are new-- they're just incredibly neglected. I'm trying to do this new thing where I wear my clothes instead of buying new clothes all the time. It's working pretty well for me so far, although it's making mall trips so much less fun! I bought this blouse yesterday on super-sale at J. Crew Factory. The pants I had been so hopeful for were not available in my size; a sales associate offered me similar pants (or so she claims) but they fit terribly. Why is pants shopping so hard?! No other pants stood out to me on the trip, but I almost went home with this blouse from The Limited and this top from LOFT. I tried on a bunch of other stuff, but those were the only ones worth mentioning. I'm still on the fence about the giraffe scarf.

I'm wearing my vest not only because I haven't worn it in a while, but also because it's green week! I love theme weeks-- they really get the gears going. Two days ago I had zero motivation to wear this vest, and now I have a handful of different ways I want to wear it. Check out how others are wearing green through the link-up (hosted by Andi, Ashley, and Heather).

Military Vest: Old Navy [similar]
Striped Sweater: LOFT [option]
Floral Shirt: Old Navy [option]
Skinny Jeans: The Limited [similar]
Flats: Old Navy [option, $9 option]


  1. I just pick a vest up like this from old navy. I'm also trying to work with my closest

  2. well, you know I think pants are stupid! For some reason, JCF shorts and skirts fit me well, but their pants and jeans are never even close to fitting properly. It's weird. I love the blouse you got! I wish it had been at my JCF, but I've been disappointed with it since it opened. Maybe it will get better as time goes by!

  3. Ummm this outfit is amazing! I love the pattern mixing and bold colors, and how the vest seems to ground the outfit.

  4. Pants shopping is hard. I always had good luck with them at The Limited, Express & White House Black Market. Those are 3 brands of Pants I swear by.

    Love your new Neon Pink Blouse from The Limited. So similar to my new one I got last month. I can see you wearing that a lot. I adore the Loft Top too. I wouldn't get the Giraffe Scarf either. Nothing so special about it from the picture at least.

    You look adorable in this Outfit. I want a Neon-Striped Sweater and especially a Military Vest. =)

  5. I need to wear my utility vest more often. I love how you paired it with the bright yellow stripes! It's such a sunny spring outfit!

  6. I feel your pain about pants shopping. They are just as fun as swimsuit shopping.


  7. i've really been inspired by your mixing and matching and pattern fun lately! i love the combination of colors in this outfit. i'm trying to wear what i already own and get excited about what i already have in my closet, too. i'm glad i heard about this link up through you because i think it will help me get dressed the rest of the week as well :)

  8. Ugh pants shopping IS the worst. It just makes me value pants that truly do fit me that much more.
    Anyway, I like this look a lot! I love the idea of mixing stripes and florals with a utility vest. I have a very similar vest, so I will definitely have to remember this for outfit inspiration!

  9. I would automatically assume this is an outfit full of new pieces because it's just so SPRING (and on trend, of course).

    Shopping for pants is something I don't love, but I find the more I do it, the more I know what works and what doesn't. It's funny, a lot of times, I can tell when something will look good (or bad) just by looking at them. I always try on, but I'm usually not surprised by the fit.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  10. I love all the different colors you put together! It looks great. SOmetimes you have to think way outside the box! :0)

  11. I fully support wearing old clothes in new ways. And I definitely would have thought the sweater and undershirt were new - they are so cute!

    I have had "black jeans" on my list for a while now but I haven't even tried any on because I hate pants shopping so much!

  12. I love the layers in this look! Have you thougth about ( or already done) a 30 day challenge? I've done one where I remix 30 items for 30 days, and one where I created 30 promptsand followed them for 30 days. Not only did it force me to use different items from my closet but I shopped much less while I was doing it. I tend to enjoy a god challenge!

  13. I love the layers and the colors in this look. I tucked my utility vest away for the winter, but think this 3 layer look works for Spring or a not so cold winter day...


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